what is this.

Hello. I’m annovi and I am (was at the time) a third year Interior Design student at University of Central Lancashire AND currently I am having frequent panic attacks. In less than 10 weeks my course will be over.

Nothing is wrong with the course being over, don’t get me wrong, the only problem is the BIG submission that happens the day before. So…

10 weeks to finish first semester project so that I wouldn’t be ashamed to put it in my portfolio;

10 weeks to finish the final Honours project that at the moment is a nightmare;

10 weeks to get my head around this Materiality and Fabrication project (that means start it and finish);

10 weeks  to actually make a decent portfolio;

10 weeks to write an awesome, smart and artistic CV.

+ it is not like I can forget eating, sleeping, working or other basic human needs for those ten weeks.


Any suggestions how to get through this without loosing my mind and/or dignity?!

Meanwhile gonna do what google says :


P.S.  it is definitely (not) the best time to start blogging 

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