6 weeks

When is the best time to start learning (read: to be taught) something new?!

I mean in school and/or university. Like  a new topic, or, let’s say a new designing software?!

Well, according to my tutors not just in the last year, but even better – a month before the final submission ^_^

It’s not like we’re busy or anything. Piece of cake.

Anyhow, Easter is coming.  Unfortunately, like the last 3 years, I won’t be at home and won’t have any kind of holiday feeling whatsoever. But hopefully these two weeks of holiday will be enough to sort out all my uni work and get some me-time for once.

My latest found (which I know is nothing new) the Flos Magnetic Rail Lighting . It is so AWESOME and I am so incorporating that into my design.



One thought on “6 weeks

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