Festive feeling

It is 10 days till Christmas. (p.s. yaay)

Last night my boyfriend sent me a link to something amazing. It put me in this interesting festive feeling bubble for some reason. Oh but that might also be because I saw bunnies earlier that day (they were in the town centre, next to the main Christmas tree). Every other bunny that I have met in my live has been rather passive you know, just sort of sitting, chewing, doing that cute thing with their noses… But not those little fellas. And there were at least five of them (definitely more).

One was ginger, one was gray, one was (I think) white and the rest of them were blurry… They were jumping and running and doing all sorts. Very active bunnies. Now i want to see them again and take them home.

Yes now I want a bunny. I say A bunny, make it five at least. ^_^


I am completely and utterly in awe every time I watch this. It is just too cool and funny, and Christmassy  

Today I checked more of the Birdbox studio stuff and I love it. They do adverts and different animations. Check it out – you’ll love it too.


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