Hi CorelDraw, I’m annovi

This is more about me (again) trying out something new and sharing the outcome.

Two weeks ago i stumbled across a job advert for a designer’s position. Requirements were far too easy yet responsibilities – not so much, so i got confused. Turned out that they (the company) needed a designer for all sorts of things, but currently they are working on a 2D RPG kinda game so they are in a need for a game’s designer who could design characters, objects, buttons, and so on.

I was given a word document with few already existing characters from the game and the task was to create new characters in the same style. Unfortunately, I spent less than a week on that, because other things got in the way and i wasn’t entirely sure what was the deadline (right now i think they don’t even have one) but that’s a different story.

Anyways… i did what i could, learnt new things and enjoyed myself in the process.

It is hard for me to judge objectively because that was my first time trying to design and draw anything like that, even though it is just a 2D cartoon style character (as an interior design student you don’t really need to do that lol).

Well… They didn’t like it so i didn’t get the job. Surprise surprise. According to them i didn’t keep the same style and the quality of the finished pieces was bad. They did say that i can try again, but i find it rather impossible to do better since i don’t really know what exactly i did wrong and what should i improve and work on.

I assume i can’t really publish their examples for you to see and compare with mine, since that is part of the game that is still under construction, but i thought i would you show what i came up with and tell you how i did it. 🙂

All these little guys were made using CorelDrawX7. I have to add that i had never used CorelDraw before so this task was even twice as hard. I have worked with Adobe Illustrator, which is also a vector based software, but one day i just decided to give it a go and i found that CorelDraw is an amazing program. It is so easy to work with and it doesn’t need too good of a pc ( i have a poor laptop that is giving up, bless him, but he still runs the program very well).

Obviously i needed some guidance – tutorials, but i can tell you one thing – all i needed was one rather simple tutorial to get me started (that can be different for different people, but for me that is all i need for most of the time – the first push).

How to make a pumpkin – you might find it silly and pointless, but trust me, that is all you need to get started. 🙂

My next step was to subscribe to CorelDRAW youtube channel where they have very many tutorials ranging from introduction to the program’s interface and tools available to some serious next level graphics.

Last but by no means least amazing thing that i have discovered recently is this amazing SkillFeed webpage. It is filled with enormous amount of different video tutorials for many different programs – Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, Excel, Java, HTML – basically everything. AMAZING!!!

P.S. i lied – my lovely friend introduced that last website it to me ^^

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