Hand lettering. Take 1

I have to be honest, i am not entirely sure i should be showing this to a wider public, but i suppose once i get better ( i hope i do ) it will be cool to compare. So here it goes…IMG_6969.JPG


 My first attempt in hand lettering.

Before i started, i wanted to make this as a present for my friend Liene.. but now, seen the result, i’ve changed my mind. She will have to wait for ‘take 2’.

So how did i get this somewhat crazy idea to try hand lettering? I just stumbled upon a Youtube video or a blog post, i can’t remember now, but i saw it, i liked it and i wanted to try it.

First things first, as usual – the research, lots of it. I read blog posts, watched tutorials and inspirational pictures, and, even signed up for a…. something. Is it a newsletter?! Or maybe just some tutorial pack… Basically, i subscribed to this awesome guy – Sean – and got a few tutorials on lettering via email. Then i found some more people on youtube *Sean McCabe*MadeByMarzipan and checked their tips on hand lettering.

I almost forgot that i had to find a quote before i could actually do anything, oh dear…

I found a quote (i admit – i simply googled it – ‘best friendship quotes’, i wasn’t original) … so, i found a quote and started doodling. Once i decided to go with the whole ship thing, i tried to draw a bit more in detail and thought about the layout.


IMG_6967Then on a fresh, clean piece of paper i measured everything, drew a border and other guidelines, and sketched in the outlines for the letters and the ship. I had to redo that all twice, because somehow i did the wrong maths and counted that word ‘friendship’ has only 9 letters. (facepalm)

Then, three days later, when i was finally happy (as happy as i could be at that point) with the drawing, i re-drew everything with a 0.1 tip size pen.


IMG_6968.JPGAnd at that point i really liked how the word FRIENDSHIP looked like, i was very pleased with it, i might add. But around the same time all the problems appeared. As it turned out (if only i was cleverer beforehand) the paper i used was completely not meant for stuff like that. I used a sketchbook that should be used for watercolours more than anything else. Because the paper wasn’t smooth, the ink (lines) didn’t stay crisp and neat. It isn’t a disaster, but next time i will make sure i use a better paper, and by better i mean – appropriate 🙂

Never the less, here’s the outcome.

Oh yea, i filled in the letters, in that way ruining it all even more. lol

They say practice makes it perfect, will see how it goes.

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