Tiramisu cake – Kids safe.


I will start with a bold statement – I am not a coffee drinker. That’s a fact. I don’t like the taste nor the smell of it, to be completely honest.

However, i do absolutely love it when it is ‘in’ stuff, like chocolate for example. Either it is a candy bar/cake/wafer with a cream filling or sth – then it is unbelievably tasty.

So this Tiramisu cake, as you all know, consists of biscuits soaked in espresso and alcohol (doh). But since there are two very under-age kids in my family, the alcohol part is off the table. So i ended up altering the recipe that i found online to suit my needs (audience, as it were).

Let’s start with the ingredients – – -you will need:

  • * 4 eggs
  • * 500g Mascarpone cheese
  • * 250-300g special tiramisu biscuits
  • * 300g ground coffee
  • * 100g sugar
  • * cocoa powder for dusting on top

First step is to make the coffee because you want to let it cool down a bit before soaking the biscuits in it. The original recipe said 300 grams but i was too lazy to weigh so i just used 2 table spoons of ground coffee in a cup. Once i boiled the water and pored it on top, i covered the cup with a lid and left it aside to ‘get ready’ and cool down while i prep other things.

Next step can be very messy so make sure everything is mess/stain proofed. Take the eggs and prepare two good size (big-ish) bowls. Egg whites go into one bowl and yolks into the other. Leave the egg whites be for now. Mix the egg yolks with the sugar (i usually add a teaspoon of vanilla sugar too just to give it a hint of vanilla) and then add the cheese. I use a hand mixer to do all that but it is possible to achieve the same mixture by doing it manually as well. Once the first mixture is ready move to the other bowl with egg whites. For the next step i advise you to use a mixer otherwise it will take awful lot of your time and energy (but it is possible!). Basically you have to turn egg whites into a whipped cream consistency so that when you turn the bowl upside down nothing pours out. Tricky! Be very very careful with that – check slowly and carefully 🙂 When it is done add the whipped egg whites to the other mixture but in a very caring way (lol). Do it slowly, spoon by spoon, and stir only in one direction. That is pretty much what the recipe said and that is exactly what i did so i don’t know what (if anything) happens if you do it differently 😀

Now it is time to build the cake ^^

Again, the original recipe said 250-300g of the special tiramisu biscuits, but it is really up to you and your preferences. I have found a perfect size tray with a lid that i always use for this cake so i buy just enough biscuits to make two layers in it. It entirely depends on you how many layers you want. My family loves the cream mixture so i make it in a thicker layer and use only two layers of biscuits but i am sure the amount of cream would support another layer of biscuits.

Next step is to find the cup of coffee and pour it into a bowl. I usually add more water because the coffee i make is very strong, plus you can never guess how much the biscuits will soak up. Then arrange the perfect set-up for you. You will need the coffee, the tray and bickeys closer to you. OH! make sure you find the perfect biscuit arrangement inside your tray before soaking anything, that will save you many annoying moments. You can see in the picture that i completely failed at arranging them, but because they were already wet i couldn’t do anything about it. 😦 it doesn’t affect the taste though 🙂

Soaking part has to be real quick – dunk it and pop inside your tray. Once the first layer is done i usually take a silicone spatula-thing and spread an even layer of the cream on top. Repeat it as many times as needed – for me it is once more.

To finish it off – dust some cocoa powder on top and don’t be shy. The cream will absorb most of it and it will add to the taste. Leave in the fridge overnight to set, unless you re making it early in the morning, then by night time you’re good to eat 🙂

So that is that. I hope it is a good and helpful recipe. Labu apetīti! (bon-appetite)


Each time the amount of cream can differ a little bit. It depends on egg size, Mascarpone cheese style (some brands are more liquidy) so don’t worry. This time i managed to make another cake in smaller container.

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