A Gift for me

IMG_7437Today is Wednesday, for those who didn’t know. I thought it was a good day for a pessimistic blog post where i moan about silly stuff and give no-advice advice to myself and to whomever might be reading my blog…

But then i poured some beer into my new glass and life didn’t seem as bad anymore. 🙂

I love beer and i love to collect beer tankards and glasses for the fun of it. I would say both of those things are my hobbies ^^ I love browsing through car booth’s sales and spotting promotional sale deals in supermarkets in order to get my hands on a new glass or a tankard. It is quite hard to explain why i have chosen such thing for a hobby but i absolutely love it (tankards and glasses i mean). I love the different styles, shapes, volumes and the branding on them.

So far my collection looks like this.piknik (8)

Most of them are Latvian beer brands which is obvious, since i started my hobby living in Latvia and drinking Latvian beer. Which is awesome might i add. 🙂

During my uni years in England i managed to add one Heineken 1,5 pint tankard, a plain pint tankard, Kronenbourg pint glass and a Carlsberg pint glass to my collection, but as you can see from the picture – last two didn’t survived till today. (big thanks to my boyfriend or his friends :p)

Today turned out to be a very good day, because while i went to the supermarket just to get groceries, i found a new beer glass for sale. Up until now i hadn’t had a mug or a glass from this particular brewery so i was twice as happy to find it. It didn’t take me long to come to the conclusion that i have to spend my last bursary money exactly on this specific item. 🙂 Three beers and a glass – heavens, a gift for me from myself, cuz i love myself lol ^^IMG_7438

It came in a lovely box that even had instructions for pouring the beer in which i tried but fail… According to the instructions you need to have the beer cooled down at 8 degrees. I didn’t do it.. For one i don’t really know how i would measure that o.O

Oh well, but it tasted good anyway. beerpiknik (7)

Use it – don’t abuse it (alcohol)

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