Hand lettering. Take two

A while back i decided to try something new and took up my own hand lettering challenge. You can read all about my first attempts here, but today’s post is about second chances as it were.

The beginning was exactly the same – i had some quotes, i picked one, scribbled an idea or two in my sketchbook, and made the finished piece on a A4 sheet of paper. I might add that this time, had learned from my previous mistake, i used the right kind of paper. I used drafting paper opposite to water-colour paper i used last time, and it made my life a hell of a lot easier. The lines stayed crisp and neat, and i was able to use my amazingly-awesome graphic markers (Kurecolor KC-3000 Twin Tip Marker)


My best friends in this journey were a mechanical pencil, eraser, ruler, different size black graphic pens and graphic marker pens. I am a perfectionist, therefore – a big fan of guidelines. I only used the ruler to draw the basic grid so that the overall layout would look pleasing to the eye. Everything else is done in free-hand, although i do tend to sketch everything slightly with a pencil first and then go over with a pen.

Some turned out better, some worse, but again, that is my own personal opinion which doesn’t really make much difference (giggle). These are still only sketches and my second ever try in hand-lettering, but i am already seeing improvements, even if that means only knowing which is a better type of paper for doing this kind of thing.

One of the top things on my wishlist is a set of water-colour pencils, that i can’t wait to purchase, because i think it would be a good medium for hand-lettering. What do you think? 🙂


IMG_7038IMG_7037IMG_7036 IMG_7032IMG_7035 IMG_7033

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