Tipsy DIY


It is a good day for diy, me thinks.IMG_7544

After having this blouse for… embarrassed to say for how long actually … and having the spare studs for a year, i finally decided to put them to a good use.

I bought the studs/spikes, whatever you prefer to call them, with the idea in mind that i will put them to some use eventually… it took me a bit more than that, but Ta-dah! isn’t that pretty 🙂IMG_7547

Yes, that is not the newest fashion. Yes, everybody have had something like this already 4 years ago or so. I know, i know… i’m a bit slow. But i have never followed the fashion to begin with. First of all i’m too slow and second – it changes far to damn quickly, i just can’t keep up with that.

Blouse is very old, like i said, and has lost it’s pure colour so it isn’t good for being worn without a cardigan or some sort of jumper on top anymore. But since it still fits me i thought i could transform it into something perfect to be worn underneath a knitted jumper in autumn/winter. ^^

(p.s. yes i do know the summer has only just started properly, i’m not rushing ;P)


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