Dream small?!

<Dream big!> that is more familiar phrase, isn’t it?! But how true is it? I mean, is that really the right way to live, to be?

For example, yesterday one of my brother’s dreams came true – he swam in the rain. He is only eleven and the thing was silly, as most people would agree, but nonetheless, he described that action as his dream… and it came true and made him really happy. Case closed.

I giggled at first but it then put me in deep deep thoughts. Am i living my life in the right way?! (not that i actually know what is the right way)

I have made these big dreams for myself, my life, that i intend to fulfil one day, but maybe that is not enough? Maybe that way of thinking is robbing me off other tiny stuff, like swimming in a lake while rain is pouring down, the tiny dreams.

Not only fulfilling tiny dreams is easier it also makes you happy. And lets get this straight – that is what it is all about – being happy.

I won’t suddenly forget my big dreams but i will try and set up tiny dreams too. It’s just like with the ‘toDoLists’ – the excitement in ticking the ‘done’ box.

Photo of the post – other brother swimming in no rain.



9 thoughts on “Dream small?!

  1. This is perfect! I just today thought of the same, but couldn’t really say it the right words! I completely agree with this! Kids are so much smarter.. we should learn from them, somehow with the ever so great thing called experience and adulthood we forget the most important things..

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