Things Took for Granted

A week ago i was given one week at home. I say given, i was just there – pitstopping as it were – before returning back to England. (It sounds a bit funny when i say it like that but, trust me, it makes sense.) And  because it was only a week i had to squeeze as much as possible into it and that made me realise just how many things i do take for granted while i am at home.

I suppose that’s the human nature – to take things for granted. It is  very easy and at some level we all do that. Life in general, breathing and all that we take it all as given most of the time, but this post is not about that, not as deep…

I’m a person of habit. I get used to things and become pretty much stubborn and miserable when it comes to changing some of those habits. But in the same time i am very easygoing and open to new things, and probably that is the main problem. I like England and all the perks that it’s giving me, like being somewhat (just at the moment though) independent, because living in a big house with parents AND two kids is a nightmare half of the time…

… but the other half is just unbelievably amazing… 🙂

The things i take for granted are the things i miss when i am away from home.

♥I miss my family and friends and all the joy i get out of them.

♥I miss my nan especially, and not only because she cooks me food whenever i come over.

♥I miss the food in general. I miss feeling good and energetic after a meal and no matter what, how much or in what order i ate, because unfortunately my metabolism doesn’t work the same way in England.

♥I miss the incredible luxury of a garden in a summer where i can get pretty much everything i need and grandparents with a farm where i definitely get everything. Only now i realise how much life costs elsewhere. (…stood at the check-out feeling broke…)

♥I miss the hot sun and a freedom in popping into a car, driving down the road and jumping into a lake. Or being able to drive, you know.

♥But most of all, i suppose, i miss myself, because i consist of all of those things.

(p.s. This is not a sad post (not as sad) i’m good and doing everything i can to make things better ^^ )









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