September the First

… is going to be tomorrow.

I don’t know how about you, but for Latvians that is a rather special date. It is the First day of school. It can be someone’s very first first day of school or the very last, rather sad first day of school. Every person, and i am pushing here, goes through around 9 to 12 first Septembers. Some are looking forward to it, some don’t and some don’t just on the outside, because everyone is secretly looking forward to it.

I am too old to have one now, but to be honest, i have had my share of all that – i’ve been through twelve 1st Septembers. Two schools, god know’s how many teachers and grades, of course, colourful and nice. But this story is not about me reminiscing about my good young days (p.s. which were not that long ago,got it?!)

My youngest brother, or how i call him – the Tinyone, is starting school tomorrow. Tomorrow will be his first First of September but i still remember the night he was born like it happened yesterday. I do have my own very special reason why i remember that night, but the fact is that i just simply cannot believe that 6, almost seven years have passed that quickly.

I feel old, yes, but lately i feel like that on my own and i don’t need a reason. Right now i am just happy about him and slightly sad at the same time for not being able to be there with him. I would love to see him in his little suit with a big flower bouquet standing in a line with a bunch of other kids. He will know some of them from the kindergarten, but there will be plenty of new faces that will make him slightly scared. It’s going to be a new school and teachers, and a completely different atmosphere to one he’s been used to.

But he will have his older brother right there for him if need be. They both are very excited to go to the same school. I’m their older sister and i am unbelievably proud of them two and ready to be there for them in any way possible even from the far… for the time being.

Love them

DSC_0003silly us


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