Foundation course. Uni thing #1

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I finished my Interior Design course a year ago and ever since my every activity has involved hunting for jobs and gaining the experience – that magical thing everyone is looking for, but not so keen on giving, sharing, you know…

After a recent interview where i was nicely pointed out how unfortunately sad and poor my current portfolio is, i decided that it is about time to change that.

That involved going through a hell of a lot of old uni materials. (Good thing i’m a hoarder…i keep everything that is possible of keeping)

It was nice (and slightly embarrassing) to go through the pictures and remember my first ever (art/design) projects, to look back and think what i could’ve (would’ve, should’ve…) done. I still remember how confusing everything was, how scared and constantly worried i was because i just wasn’t familiar with the English teaching/learning methods, even the term ‘brief’ confused the shit out of me. Sketchbooks too, and ‘research‘, and ‘mood boards‘… Oh gosh. I am genuinely surprised i survived. But it was fun, non the less.

How did i end up in the Foundation course? Well… because at the age of 18… i didn’t know what i wanted to do with my life. A move to England was pretty much decided for me, so the only thing was to find a university and a course/career path. But i wasn’t the one who chose any of that really. Long story short, my friend and classmate at the time did it all for me, i just said – ‘something arty-farty‘. Since i wasn’t familiar with teaching methods or requirements for getting into uni, i was scared to apply for an actual course so instead i went for a Foundation course in Art and Design.

Now, 5 years later, looking back, half of me regrets doing that, but the other half is very happy that i took that course.

Why do i regret making that step?!

— — — Well, to put it bluntly – it was a waste of my time. My fears about not being ready for a proper BA course were basically completely and utterly unreasonable. I simply turned my 3-year-uni-experience (not just time-wise, money/loan-wise too) into 4 years.

Then why half of me is still happy about that course?!

 — — — Because i learnt a lot in that one year. It was an amazing experience because it was perfect for me – someone who didn’t quite know what road to take yet. We worked on a wide, and i mean really wide variety of projects. I got to experienced different techniques and aspects of art and design. I tried still live(life?) drawing. I learnt how to weld, and mould, and drill. I had countless bruises and (maybe) silly projects as a result, but it was fun and really helped me to become a more creative person.

Foundation course was a part of my foundation year in England. It was a time of joy, sadness, independence, struggle that came with that independence. Also, it was a time of making new friends, figuring myself out slightly better, and all about new and very different experiences. 🙂

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