2nd year in ID. Uni thing #3

And so my rant continues. I have already written about my Foundation course experience here, and about my 1st year in Interior Design course here, so here it goes about the second year in ID.

After finishing my my first year with a 1st, i felt really good, in high spirits and so motivated to do even better. I was looking forwards my second year, i had big plans in mind for myself.

But then it all went down hill.

My personal life events, of course, didn’t help in the matter, but the whole lovely uni experience turned upside down and i wasn’t sure if i liked any of it.

Tutor changed, projects changed, evaluation changed… everything changed. I wasn’t enjoying my (uni) life any more. Projects become fewer, but longer, the briefs were still interesting enough, i’m not saying they were boring or pointless, but the teaching got different, the advice and feedback was, well, lacking. There were no evaluation or grade in the end of a project, only at half term. And that was not enough.

No new skills were taught. We were still using the same AutoCAD and SketchUp tricks for the same basic drawings.

The only nice thing about the whole 2nd year was Wednesday morning classes. Guess why!? Because Pam was the tutor, she taught us Adobe Creative Suite basics – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.  It was only one day a week when my brain was actually doing some work.

Each class was nicely put together with a printed tutorial on hands, Pam’s live example on the big screen before our eyes and then followed by a practical exercise. Which was great because that meant each week we learnt a new trick in one of the programs. And at the end of the year everyone had not just a folder with countless examples done in those programs, but it also gave us opportunity to use those skills in our ongoing projects.

Honestly, i don’t know what else to say about my second year… the whole course simply went the opposite way to one i thought it would. Maybe, but only maybe, if i had a different attitude (like i said my personal life events sadly got the best of me) … everything would’ve turned out differently.

But oh well… nothing i can do about that now 🙂

Stair project Kiosk projectStory of a Walk Furniture mood board

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