First year in ID. Uni thing #2

So it happened that i caught this odd ‘remembering past’, specifically uni, vibe and this is the second post within that theme. (First one here)


My first year is mostly filled with lovely memories and probably the one and only reason for that is the tutor i had – Pam. Pam was (i suppose still is) awesome, and as i realised in later years – the only decent tutor in that course. She was fun and understanding, and all round a great teacher.

The whole year was split into very many separate projects, each teaching us some specific skill or trade. Every project started with an inspiring presentation from Pam, followed up with countless feedback meetings just to keep track of our work. Each project then got evaluated and marked shortly after the submission date and we received a sheet of paper with our mark and a very well explained feedback on every aspect of our work, that she later went through and explained even more thoroughly f2f. Everything was clear, the drawbacks, the cool stuff, what to concentrate more on on the next project.

Everything made sense.

I had motivation, i was excited and enjoyed seeing my work get better and better with each project. On my first year i started researching designers and architect, started my own mental bank of inspiration. One of the projects required us to get as many as possible different material and fabric samples, catalogues. It was so fun for me and so awful for my postman at the time. You cannot imagine how many tiles and stones i ordered… he had to carry all that and deliver to my door. There’s a funny story about that in fact – one of my limestone (if i’m not mistaken) tiles weight was 9kg. It was huge, i barely got it upstairs to my room. For a long time i had a pretty fancy shoe mat. By the end of the year i had a big box full of samples. I had different clay tiles, marble, glass, wood, plastic, carpet, fabrics, leather, you name it. Every day was like Christmas.

First year was awesome and i was really happy that i chose exactly this course after finishing the Foundation course. P.S. Another great thing was the studio – it was spacious, light and so nicely warm in the cold months, loved it – i can’t think or be creative or a normal working human being when i’m cold, and i get cold very easily.

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