And the winner is…

This is not going to be a beauty post or what ever you call them, but more with a deeper meaning behind it.

imageWell, my skin is dry. That is a statement. Very dry. The driest of them all. And it is like that all over my body. I literally cannot live without moisturisers but not all of them work which makes my life a hell of a harder.

I don’t think i could possibly count all the different facial moisturisers i have used in my relatively short life, but the last few have been from the same brand – LUSH.

I have known about and loved the brand for a while, but i only ever tried the bath bombs, because i thought other stuff they sold was a bit too expensive. At the time i didn’t quite understand the importance of having a healthy looking/feeling skin i guess.

Anyhow, after realising that i needed to do something about my skin, face in particular, because i was really starting to loose all control over it, i obtained my first Lush facial moisturiser – Celestial. It was amazing! I was shocked how good it was. My mind was blown, it was perfect. My skin was feeling hydrated all day after using it in the morning and for the first time i forgot the ‘skin-shrinking’ feeling. Epic!

But then, as always, you know, i came up with things that could be improved on. I thought it (the cream) could be better. I thought maybe Celestial is not sinking in just right, and maybe there’s another kind of cream that would be even better. I did kinda go for the cheapest one for my skin type, so i was well aware that there are more moisturisers – more expensive ones, which would mean they must be better…

So i went out and got Imperials – a slightly more expensive facial moisturiser. It was kinda good. It was moisturising enough, but the application was a bit awkward because it took time to sink in. I was a bit disappointed, but i still used it all up and it did the trick most of the time.

After i used it up, for some reason, i decided to really dive in and buy yet another different facial moisturiser. This time i spent almost 30 quid on this tiny pot of cream. I know – mental, but i was getting desperate again, because my skin was acting out, and it was the new product in the store praised by everyone. I bought Magical Moringa – the new epicly amazing facial moisturiser, or so i was told.

Oh boy was i wrong… It was awful, still is and i don’t think i will ever finish that pot. Well lets start with the consistency – it is like no other moisturiser. At first, when i tried it on my hand in the store, it felt really nice, but then putting it on my face later at home it was a completely different experience. It felt more like a face mask that created a layer on my skin. It did do the moisturising job, i think (not sure), but it felt unnatural.

Whatever, to make a long story short – the meaning behind this post is something like a ‘note to self‘. Not everything that is expensive is better Well definitely not always right for you. Of course, the only way how to find the right stuff is though trial and error, but you just have to make sure you’re re-tying for the right reasons. I was lucky enough to find my perfect facial moisturiser on my first attempt, but i got blinded by fuck-knows what and ended up not just uselessly spending money, but took my face through an unnecessary roller-coaster. I have repurchased Celestial and now my skin is at peace and i am very happy.

that’s that.

Be smart!


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