First time…

… at the gym.


Well a week ago i finally did something that i’ve been meaning to do for five years now – i joined a gym. !!!!!

While at school, i hated sports lessons. I felt awkward, ashamed, and self-conscious and what not. I stopped attending those lessons when i was around 13-14, that was also the time when i stopped any kind of activities really, apart from walking time to time (lol).

Now, looking back at all that, i am not proud of my decision, but i had my reasons and what’s done is done. When i finished school and moved to England for uni, all i wanted was to join a gym. Gym was something so exciting, exotic to me, something i only ever seen on TV, and seemed like a very cool thing to be a part of. I was curious and thought it could be a very healthy, to say the least, hobby. But need for a hobby wasn’t the only drive behind that. Obviously i knew the state my body was in and has been ever since i remember. I couldn’t call myself fat, cuz my arms and legs were more like twigs, but, nonetheless, i wasn’t fit.

And it wasn’t a case where a diet could help. My weight might’ve gone down, but it wouldn’t rid me of my wiggly jelly bits. I needed physical activities in my life, not just sitting by the computer or walking to and from uni. But unfortunately there were always too many obstacles, so many things always got in the way of me joining a gym… I just lied. there were only two the same reasons every year – money & insecurity.

Now, five years later, i can’t say that anything has changed. I am still insecure and, on top of that, – unemployed, but i found a ‘partner in crime’.

A few weeks back while we (me and boyfriend) were out with his dad, the dad said that he is planning to join a gym. But since it was a talk after a few beers, who knows what was serious and what wasn’t. Anyhow, as he said that i jumped in and basically (literally) shouted – ‘Me tooooo!!!‘ And we left it at that, the night went on and soon all that was forgotten.

But as it later turned out he was very serious and good at remembering that i wanted to join too.

~And so we joined~

It is now day 4 in my ‘gym-going-experience’ and i can tell you this – It was the best decision i have made in my entire life. Although i still haven’t had my induction where a fitness instructor will tell me what to do and how to achieve my goals, i’ve been going to gym every day now. So far i have quick-walked ~10 km, cycled, ~30km, climbed ~40 floors, wiggled my bum on a funny machine, gone to a spin class, yoga class and a body sculpt class, gone to sauna, and relaxed for ages in the jacuzzi.

Joining a gym is worth every penny. Plus we got a gym starter pack that included a  big gym bag, smaller one for shoes, a sweat towel, a padlock, a swim cap, and a water bottle.

Be healty, be active, be happy!


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