A book about Myself.

In this time and age it is incredibly easy to do all sorts of random things. Although, at some point in the future i definitely wouldn’t mind if somebody decides to publish a book about me, right now, at this precise time and age, that was very unlikely to happen…

So i took matters in my own hands – i made a book about myself myself ^^
DSC_0443 DSC_0442 DSC_0445  DSC_0444

The reason behind such a narcissistic project is quite innocent and simple, and needed. Well, it has been a whole year now since my graduation and i have spent a year sort of looking for a job, but i realised that i don’t really have a decent portfolio. Since in my field of work a portfolio is more than essential, no wonder i’ve been struggling with the whole job-searching.

I do have an online portfolio that is a proper website, but lets be honest, – it needs more work. And, of course, i had a hard copy of the same pictures that are on that site in a black, plain looking folder, and that is what i called my portfolio…

Feel quite embarrassing now. Umm….

I took my black, plain looking folder portfolio to a couple of interviews and on the last one i was nicely pointed out how rather sad it was. Well that isn’t exactly what they said. The people that were interviewing me were very nice and they liked my work but at the end of the interview they just gave me a friendly feedback for which i was very grateful.

So that was when i realised that i needed to change a few things.

I remembered this site that Pam, my tutor at uni, once showed us at one of her classes. It is an amazing site where everyone can make any kind of books, magazines even e-books. There are very many ways to make them too. I downloaded an InDesign plug-in and, following the well-made instructions, made my book from cover to cover.

Here are some pages from my book  – – – – – – – – – wfgDSC_0449 ilkujyhguiygf kujghfflkmnb asdfasdgfhgyh werfhgkjrge uyntbrgve

I know there are very many errors visible straight away, but this was not only my first book, it also was my very first InDesign experience. I know very little about layouts or general bookmaking OR graphic design rules. It took me around a week to make the whole book and i am feeling very proud about myself for it.

I am planning on only getting better at it and i am sure this won’t be that last book i make 🙂


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