What will you be when you grow up?!

‘and what will you be when you grow up?’

‘what do you want to do when you grow up?’

Everyone has heard a question like that at least 3 times in the lifetime. Once as a kid, then at school and then applying for university.

As a kid, when i was asked what would i like to be when i grow up (although my mum would have a funny story to tell you about this matter) i never used the popular answers like princess or dancer, or singer, or actress. Nor i wanted to be an astronaut or a doctor. I was an average kid just very clumsy with no special talents or hobbies. I played with dolls, i drew, i did other standard arts&crafts and watched tv. I wasn’t thinking about jobs, work… Now that i look back, i think i wasn’t thinking about those things because i wasn’t really looking forward to growing up. I was very content being a kid i suppose.

But i do remember once thinking about future or to be more precise – i remember my mum saying to somebody (the memory is pretty foggy) that i might do something around architecture. So i automatically agreed in a sense because at that age all i could think was – mums know best.  I loved Lego, and building structures out of it, maybe that is why…

Soon, however, she changed her mind and kept telling people that i might do landscape architecture because i started drawing landscape plans around our new house that was under construction. Bare in mind – at that time i had no clue what any of those careers actually meant…

Then, when it all finally started to make sense, interior design career option popped up, and i thought i could do that. I was reading about it, i had pretty magazines for inspiration and i was happy with the idea to be doing that when i grow up.

For a long time i was living with this somewhat similar yet still a mix of different career paths in my mind, and to be honest – i still do. Obviously now i have graduated and technically i am an interior designer, but i still wish i studied some architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design and web-design. I’m obsessed with all of that and i would absolutelly love to know at least basics of everything. (and… sooner or later i will achieve that, lol, cuz i have no life, lol again).

But for so long that has made me feel bad, that i am not capable of choosing and settling down.

Fine, maybe you’ll say that’s an art&design thing, that it is OK to like all things design. And on some level you are absolutely right. But then there are languages, for example, a completely different field of study. I love learning languages, but what will i do with them? I don’t want to be a translator (trust me – i tried) so that hobby is like a waste of time, because i do put in a lot of time and effort in it. Heck, right now i’m learning three languages in the same time – German, Spanish and Chinese, (forgetting the 3 i already know).

Life is overwhelming and so is choosing stuff. But, according to the video i have just below this, it is not the end of the world, as a matter of fact – that is quite all right. Keep doing what you like and since we only have one life – do as much and as many different things as you want. Well that is at least what i am going to do. I’ve spent too much time headbanging and worrying about what to do with my future… if i could take that time and reuse it – i would probably learn something new, a craft of some sorts maybe. 🙂

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