30Day Hand-lettering Challenge [part I]

Here i go again. Before even getting half-way through with my first challenge that i got sucked into, i stumbled across another one and jumped right into it. I really like to challenge myself, don’t i… (lol ;D )

30day Hand-Lettering challenge obviously is slightly different to being happy about little things hundred days in a row (the 100 Happy Days Challenge that is), but still, i thought why not, it will only benefit me.

I saw this challenge in one of the videos on youtube

I started the Challenge by gathering cute random and deliberately picked quotes and writing them down on small pieces of paper, which i later put in a bag so that each day i could randomly pick a quote and just do it, not spend hours deciding what to draw today…?

Today is the half-way point in the challenge so i thought i should make this a two-part post so that there wouldn’t be too many pictures to show in the end of it. I do however try and post daily on instagram, just so i had some sort of proof for doing the challenge right lol, but it’s more like a motivation for myself.

Anyhow… this is what i have done so far ^^

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