First Four Weeks

Just slightly more than one month ago i made a pretty big commitment and joined a gym.

Even though that was something i had always wanted to do, it was a very scary step. I have to be honest here – i was scared that i would give up before even committing, if that makes sense, well, at least that is exactly what was happening the last 5 years.

This time, however, i had a gym buddy who committed in the same time which made everything somehow a lot better (easier).

Now, four weeks later, i look at my commitment calendar (yes, yes i have one of those) and i am proud of myself. And utterly shocked too. I was so scared that i will end up doing the bare minimum or likely give up, but now i look back and see that i’ve done more exercise in those 4 weeks than in my lifetime. That is impressive, if not to you (not that it should be really) but to me and my family/friends it is. And the best part – that is the best part – i love it. Every ache and drop of sweat i get from that gym, i love it.

Right now, while being unemployed, my calendar looks really packed out and that was pretty much the point. I really wanted to push myself, see my limits and what i am capable of. I had my prescribed exercises from the fitness instructor that i was doing on blue and purple days, but soon i realised i can do more so i started attending different classes on those days as well and doing extra workout on whatever gym equipment was available at the time. Yellow days were purely classes and relaxation days when i’d put on a good sweat in one of the classes and then would crash in the jacuzzi and sauna. And then light yellow days were my rest days, some of them were very needed, some just to have some time with my boyfriend who’s working long ours every workday.

Although i do really need a job lol (well mostly money), i don’t want to have to change my routine, hehe. But i have made the commitment and i will stick to it and work my way around when i do get a job. It is worth it. I want to be healthy and fit.



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