One step closer

As i wrote the title, a magical craving to sing along Linkin Park songs appeared… i wonder why… ;D

Anyhow, this is not about them or music in general, it’s about me (as per usual) and commitments – a very popular topic for me at the moment.

So far i have committed to finding a career job, to a gym membership, to an online course in JavaScript and basic HTML and tons of silly challenges which still i think counts.

Around a year ago i made myself a website, one of those online design portfolios. I used a free template on the platform and in couple of days my site was up and running. I felt cool and ashamed in the same time because it was awesome to have my own site, but i knew how rubbish it actually was. I didn’t give up though, i kept working on it, improving as much as i could and eventually, a month or two ago, i felt like i had finished it. Obviously it will never be finished (i hope so) there will always be room for improvement or at least i will periodically update it with new designs… Nevertheless, i finished it and i was using as an attachment link along my cv when applying for jobs.

Because i used a free service, my website had a rather long address which didn’t really look that professional, if you know what i mean, but, since at the time i wasn’t in a place where i could afford my own domain i had to work with what i had. However, three days before the Halloween a very interesting email popped into my inbox. It was from announcing Spooky sales or what ever. They were offering half a price on premium account memberships which would include a personalised domain for a year.

Two days i spent debating. Half price did sound epic, however, on the other hand, i still wasn’t in a place where i could (or should) afford even a half price deals. But then i realised that fuck-it, i will spend my savings on some other rubbish anyway, so i might as well commit, get myself a more professional portfolio and hopefully a good job in the end as well.

And i did. I upgraded my account and got myself a very own, pretty looking website. I am very chuffed i did that. It is a very cool feeling knowing that i have something with my name and dot com and nothing else, lol. ^_^

Worth it!

Untitled Untitled1 3Untitled2


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