30Day Hand-lettering Challenge [part II]

Yaaay to me!!!

I finished my first ever challenge. I feel very proud of myself because this wasn’t your normal average silly challenge (not pointing fingers, i don’t really know what kind of challenges are out there…) it was a 30-Day Hand-lettering challenge, where every day i had to produce one drawing.

Thirty doesn’t sound that much, but there were days where i found it very very difficult to draw. It was a very good practise though to draw on demand. So far if i had a feeling to draw, i did, but that happened rarely. As for this – i just had to draw every day and so i did, or at least tried. I do have to be honest and say that there were days when i didn’t finish a drawing for different reasons, but i made sure that the next day i finished it as well as produced next (that) day’s drawing too. I think that still counts.

Here’s my first part of drawings and below the other half. ^^DSC_0631

Quality slightly sucks, but here are some of my personal faves ^_^

I’m not sure if this second set of drawings is any better than the first… You’d think i should get better with every drawing, but i am fully aware that some are better than others, some worse, some really bad, but i suppose that was the point – just to keep going.

I will end this with the last quote that i drew today – – – – –

“Start with commitment and motivation will come!”

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