Awaiting Christmas #2. Advent decorations

Last time i made an Advent wreath was probably in art school million years ago, or shortly after graduating and when i did i mostly used real pine twigs and/or moss because it is pretty easy to go to a forest and gather those things in Latvia. England – not so much. Although i do remember making it out of construction foam once with my dad. It was rather amusing but good looking because it was covered in glitter lol.

Having so much time on my hands that i keep somehow wasting, i decided that i should make one this year. Obviously i wasn’t even hoping or planning to make it out of natural materials, i wanted to make it more modern? i don’t really know … I simply wanted to make something pretty, round and with candles. And since those were my only objectives i think i pretty much nailed it… passed with flying colours as they say.

I went mad in the pound shop and bought all sorts of things that i thought i will use but ended up with using so little. But even what i didn’t use will come in handy at some point i’m sure. And as you can see i even made little pine cone bows that don’t have a purpose as of yet, but i’m working on it, however they do look pretty you have to agree.

Go Christmas!

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