Awaiting Christmas #3. Christmas tree

It is such a joy yet blimey such a pain setting up the Christmas tree, but the end result is worth all that. Plus – i only did the decorations, my boyfriend was the one that: 1. Found the boxes; 2. Unpacked the whole damn thing; 3. Went to the shop to get replacements for the broken parts; 4. Set up the tree; 5. Fixed the fairy lights; 6. Did the rest of decorations; AND 7. Tidied the whole living-room afterwards.

My childhood memories of Christmas trees are mostly colourful because my family always had a complete yet tasteful rainbow bauble collection going on on the tree, but with this i try to keep it more in purple-gold tones. I really like purple and think that the combination of those colours together with the greens look quite nice. This year though there were some extras there – like that little angel – a decoration from Chris’ childhood.

Go Christmas!

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