Awaiting Christmas #4. Presents in advance


When i said that i like buying gifts for other people and making them happy, i didn’t lie. However, i can’t say that i don’t like buying stuff for myself and making me happy. I really do and i think i am rather good at it.

This is what i got for myself in the last couple of months. Obviously i bought them just because i wanted to have those things there and then and not as proper Christmas presents to be wrapped and put underneath the tree. I call them premature Christmas present just for shits and giggles.

After watching the Christmas gift ideas video by the one and only CharlieMarie wishlist got some new entries.

All things are available on amazon and already in my basket waiting for some spare money appearing in my wallet.

My wishlist at the moment:

*Tombow Gray Scale Dual Brush Pens 

*Steal Like An Artist Paperback

*Typodarium 2016

Go Christmas!

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