Awaiting Christmas #5. Festive Cards


I am a massive Christmas, Birthday, any other celebration card fan. I think it compliments any gift and even in a case were an actual gift is not planned, a card can be a great alternative – it doesn’t cost that much nor it takes much of anyone’s time in obtaining one and writing a couple of words in it.

 Hell, you could give me a card every day of the week, you know, for surviving another day, sometimes it would be rather applicable.

Over the years i have gathered a quite a collection of cards because i don’t ever throw them out, well… I rarely throw things out in general – i’m a hoarder, but that is a different story. I keep the cards not only because of the sentimental values but also because they are far to pretty most of the time and i can reuse them in my projects the following years ( i do seem to be saying that mu whole life now…).

No matter how much i like actual shop-bought cards i do love making them myself. I just like hand made stuff in general i suppose. So every now and then i try to make my own cards. Nothing too fancy but still pleasing to the eye, at least i hope so.

Go Christmas! 

image  imageimage

image  image




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