Awaiting Christmas #7. Festive feeling



Nowadays Christmas comes to town very early. Due to the massive consumption problem that the majority of the world is suffering from, shops try to take advantage of that as much as possible and as early as possible. So almost all of the shops, at least here in England, dress up ready for Christmas well before it is needed (or sane), like an end of October or something… Crazy!

However, that doesn’t mean i get the Christmas feeling straight after seeing the first Christmas themed shop display. I would like to think that my path towards Christmas is much more sophisticated.

Who am i shitting?! All it takes for me to get into the festive feeling is pretty much just oranges, candles and white winter.

All of those things don’t necessarily need to happen in the same time or in that kind of order, or happen at all. For example here in England for white Christmas to happen… I have no idea what kind of miracle has to happen, so i can’t let myself have no Christmas feeling until i see snow, i would end up having no feeling what so ever and that would suck.

I remember my school days, the first hint of the festive feeling happened when someone (i.e. me or me friend) peeled the first orange and the amazing smell overtook the whole classroom. In Latvia, the time when oranges and clementines finally appear in massive amounts on the shop shelves officially marks the beginning of Christmas season. So that is why…

Also, as the evenings get darker and longer you’re bound to use more artificial lighting which gets irritating at times and with the weather getting colder, the tiny open flame on the candle has the ability to warm you up and somehow it symbolises Christmas too, for me at least.

Go Christmas!


Once upon a time lovely evening walks around my home-town while it was snowing the biggest and fluffiest snowflakes in the world, were the best moments of my life…


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