Awaiting Christmas #9. Memories.

Ahh Christmas, ah memories, ah Christmas memories… there are so many of you.

When i was younger and the only child in the family, our Christmas traditions were pretty subtle. Since i never believed that gifts were from Santa my mum put them under the tree as the tree was set up. Also, at that time we used to have real Christmas trees either bought from the market or brought from a forest. Apparently each Latvian is officially allowed to cut down one pine tree at Christmas time in the government’s forest so I remember how we went to the forest once to search for our perfect Christmas tree.

It was a fun fun time. It was a proper winter back then – enourmous amount of snow and the whole shebang. We walked around for a while, searching for the right tree and when we found it, dad cut it down and we brought it home.

But that was when we used to live in flats. Ever since moving into our house we haven’t cut down a single Christmas tree. We planted a few trees outside and have been decorating them ever since. Although now my parents do have an artificial Christmas tree up in the living room for kids sake, i suppose, but presents are still left in a sack underneath the tree outside.

Once at school, i remember, we had to write a letter to Santa. I really didn’t know what to ask because i knew i wouldn’t get it anyway, besides at that age i don’t remember asking anyone for gifts, they were all surprises. I did eventually come up with a toy to ask for and so i did, it was a Barbie doll just like this one. You cannot imagine my surprise when i received it that Christmas. I was 7 or sth i was shocked, confused in fact. I knew all my presents were from my parents and i knew it couldn’t have been from Santa, but i couldn’t understand how my parents found out about that doll. It took me a fair few years to realise that that letter i wrote at school probably never reached Santa (plus, i don’t think he knows Latvian) but ended up in my parents hands. But in their defence, they tried their best – the doll was in a gift bag and hanging on the door knob outside of our flat. They tried to make me think it was from Santa. ^^

But nowadays, ever since i have two little brothers, Christmas to me is all about making them happy and making them believe in Christmas miracle and that gifts come from some old guy.

Go Christmas!


My first Christmas in England with my great nan. It was an actual white Christmas, the first and the last one i’ve seen here. It was the first time i had the Christmas roast with those notorious brussels sprouts and Christmas crackers and other English traditional stuff.

My first Christmas at home after being away for a half a year studying in England. It was so nice to be back and see my lovely tinyone who was so so tiny when i went away for uni. Still miss him. ❤

…and so much more…

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