Awaiting Christmas #10. Food

I looove food. Food is awesome. My hobby is eating. I could talk about food all day…

Well that was a lie. – I couldn’t. I would get far to hungry and would have to stop soon after starting to grab something to eat.

What would Christmas be without food. Heck, what would life be without food, but around Christmas time especially, or should i say winter time, eating reaches a whole new level for me. I suppose, what a better way to keep warm on these cold winter days than by stuffing yourself with yummy warm foods. Or cold, you know…

My family’s Christmas meal traditions never seemed weird to me, but now that i think about it, it might as well be weird indeed. Because the thing is, we tend to have a proper dinner foods for breakfast, but more around lunch time. I know it doesn’t make sense.

But that never seemed odd since that kinda thing only happened twice a year – on Christmas and Easter. However, ever since moving to England and been introduced to Christmas dinner (emphasis on dinner), i realised that we might be doing things in a slightly odd manner.

There would be like at least 12 different foods on her table. Ranging from mains to snacks, starters and salads. And the three foods i can’t imagine my Christmas at home without are: Pork-chop steaks, Sauerkraut stew and fatty peas with gone of milk as my boyfriend calls it.


Go Christmas!


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