imageI love planning and i love sticking to a plan once i’ve made it. More so, i think i actually need it in order to proceed in life. And i get incredibly frustrated when something or someone tries to fuck with my plans, even if that someone is me.

In theory, what i’ve made and what this post is about, is utterly pointless, since it would be the same thing if i wrote my things-to-do on a piece of paper or even on the phone and saved the paper. But there’s something about the different approach, you know, not being able to crumble that piece of paper and toss in the bin or delete an entry on the phone, or what i do best – let it drag to the following day(s) without any hint of guilt.

Obviously, this is just a photo frame with a white board marker pen smears on top. It is easy to wipe it clean and forget about all the tasks. But for some reason i don’t dare to do that. It disturbs the spirit of the Todolist god.


A while (whiiiile) ago i saw this brilliant video on youtube, or should i say person, because she is definitely a brilliantly creative and awesome person. Her name is CharliMarie and in her video she makes 3 different ‘whiteboard’ to-do-list-boards using photo frames. All very simple, but creative in the same time.

Like i said, i saw that video and got inspired more than a year ago. I did make a small to-do-list for myself and my friend for Christmas 2014, but ever since i have been contemplating on making the bigger, weekly to-do-list board. This seemed just the right year for that.

imageInitially i thought that the frame is going to take an impressive chunk out of my budget, but then, randomly wondering into Wilko i found this simple beauty for a fiver. Get in! And it is a blimin huge too. Also, i grabbed some white board marker pens there too which to my surprise were a decent size, you know, normally those things are chunky, i don’t like chunky.

Rest of the things i got from HobbyCraft store – like A5 card, letter stickers and washi tapes (p.s. this was my first time using/touching washi tape lol, up until that i didn’t really know what that was, just knew it was somewhat popular in the diy world).

When the idea first formed in my head, i had a background planned there as well, but then i realised that it might be too much going on on that one board. After taking the frame apart i realised that the cardboard colour of the back part is actually pretty nice and goes well together with my mono + red-ish colour scheme.

imageI will share an advice at this point, a very important for that matter and it has something to do with the letter stickers. – !Make sure you get plenty of them, i mean, at least the right amount. I almost screwed myself here. My thoughts were as follow – I need to spell 7 days and they all have in common the ‘day’ part, so as long as the set has seven of those letters i shall be fine. I completely forgot or didn’t take into the account that Wednesday has actually two D’s as well as Saturday has two A’s. Luckily my sticker set had 8 of every letter. Otherwise…imageCharli in her tutorial used black and white instagrams along the weekday blanks, but i thought i should take another route and decided to fit in a hand written quote in the middle. That is my favourite quote for the last couple of months or so, but i know that it is not the best executed hand-lettering piece. In my defence – i was late for gym and just wanted to get it done. Plus, it is easy to replace it, so no worries there.image

Now, what do  i have for today?

*Buy contact lenses;

*Food shopping;

*Apply for jobs;

*Work on SaveTheDate cards.



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