imageI love planning and i love sticking to a plan once i’ve made it. More so, i think i actually need it in order to proceed in life. And i get incredibly frustrated when something or someone tries to fuck with my plans, even if that someone is me.

A while (whiiiile) ago i saw this brilliant video on youtube, about makings 3 different ‘whiteboard’ to-do-list-boards using photo frames.

imageInitially i thought that the frame is going to take an impressive chunk out of my budget, but then, randomly wondering into Wilko i found this simple beauty for a fiver. Get in! And it is a blimin’ huge too. Also, i grabbed some white board marker pens there too which to my surprise were a decent size, you know, normally those things are chunky, i don’t like chunky.

Rest of the things i got from HobbyCraft store – like A5 card, letter stickers and washi tapes (p.s. this was my first time using/touching washi tape lol, up until that i didn’t really know what that was, just knew it was somewhat popular in the diy world).

When the idea first formed in my head, i had a background planned there as well, but then i realised that it might be too much going on on that one board. After taking the frame apart i realised that the cardboard colour of the back part is actually pretty nice and goes well together with my mono + red-ish colour scheme.

imageI will share an advice at this point, a very important for that matter and it has something to do with the letter stickers. – !Make sure you get plenty of them, i mean, at least the right amount. I almost screwed myself here. My thoughts were as follow – I need to spell 7 days and they all have in common the ‘day’ part, so as long as the set has seven of those letters i shall be fine. I completely forgot or didn’t take into the account that Wednesday has actually two D’s as well as Saturday has two A’s. Luckily my sticker set had 8 of every letter. Otherwise…imageCharli in her tutorial used black and white instagrams along the weekday blanks, but i thought i should take another route and decided to fit in a hand written quote in the middle. That is my favourite quote for the last couple of months or so, but i know that it is not the best executed hand-lettering piece. In my defence – i was late for gym and just wanted to get it done. Plus, it is easy to replace it, so no worries there.


Now, what do  i have for today?

*Buy contact lenses;

*Food shopping;

*Apply for jobs;

*Work on SaveTheDate cards.


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