2016 | calendar


In general i am a very active person, i like doing stuff, i like being busy. I like being busy and overwhelmed by projects more than chilling and general leisure activities. However, it is very easy for me to slip and end up binge-watching shitty TV shows or playing Borderlands for six hours straight. I do like that, though. I enjoy playing games and watching movies, while in my dressing gown with my mouth covered in pizza sauce or something. If i could, i would split in two. One part of me would be constantly working and the other one would play borderlands, yes, that would be amazing.

I want to learn to be more organised so that i could be content and pleased with myself about the work i’ve done in order to relax and have a bit of chill time afterwards, but keeping in mind that after that i have to go back into hustle mode.

 One day in late December, while surfing the web, i found this amazing wall calendar. It was perfect. Loved the simplicity of it, the layout, the colours and even the price. Plus, it came with the stickers and who doesn’t love stickers?! But i’m guessing i wasn’t the only one that thought that way, because they were all sold out, well at least an error occurred every time i tried to add it to the basket. That was very annoying because i didn’t really want to wait, i wanted to order it there and then.

Then, i finally accepted the fact that it’s not gonna happen and i looked at it from a different perspective. – It looked simple enough to make it myself and after googling how much it would cost me to print, i decided that i simply must make one myself (and instead i ordered a cool tote bag ^^).

It took me roughly two days working an hour here and there and a few trials and errors in InDesign, but i was/am absolutely over-chuffed with the outcome. I got to add all the needed information so this is really personalised calendar for me. I even ordered some colourful stickers from Etsy. It is a A1 size and covers most of my kitchen wall which is oddly the perfect place for this calendar. But it’s not like i have a work space anyway.




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