I saw TDG

Oh yes. That’s right, i saw Three Days Grace live. Fuck Yeah!serftyu

Last year (still seems funny to say that so early in the new year) i think it was mid November, a thingy popped up on my facebook feed that apparently next year they will be performing in Riga, my home country. And i was like Whaaaaaaat?! Because when i checked their official webpage in September or whatever to see any upcoming tour dates and destination, all i could see was America or nothing.

When i saw that they are going to perform live at my home country, my mind was blown. I didn’t believe that at first so i went on to their website again to confirm, but i was expecting to see that it was a scam. To my surprise – no it was not, they had released the tour dates and one of them was in Latvia.

I didn’t know how to feel at that point. I was happy and sad in the same time. I was happy that ‘yes!’ they are coming to my country and sad about the ‘fuck’ fact that i am not there. Obviously i checked the rest of the destinations and London was also one of them.

The thing with London is…. well… it’s frikkin expensive. It would pretty much cost me the same money to get there as to fly home. But obviously, staying in the same country and going to a gig means that you can than go back the same night kinda thing. I had a massive dilemma. I really wanted to see them, but it’s not like i could afford either. But then, something made me check the tour dates on the website again and thank fuck for that.

First show – in Manchester! That’s like around the corner for me. (!!!)

I still debated for a bit (a while) but in the end i bought them. Oh man, that felt good.

But then it hit me – ‘Wait a minute… if they are having a tour, that means they have released a new album or something….that i know noooothing about.‘ I have to say, a thought ‘Shit what if the new stuff is crap and that is all they gonna play and will have wasted my money and time?!’ did cross my mind. I don’t keep up with music, i’m lazy. I listen to the same music i did 10 years ago with a few new entries, that aren’t actually new, you know, just new for me, and a radio that plays all the old hits and some new ones once in a blue moon. I am really behind with all that stuff.

I was worried. I quickly looked up the news about the band just to find out that the lead singer has been replaced. ‘Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!’ I was hear-broken. Adam… ignoring that fact that he is one hell of a good looking guy has a freakishly sexy voice which is the reason why i like their songs so much. Well, no, it’s a little lie. Songs in general are really good, the lyrics not only make sense but are rather powerful.

So, a long story short- i was devastated, but, oh well, i already got the tickets. It was time to check out the music. Honestly, i was soooo worried that i won’t like it, but i should have had some faith in the band i suppose. To my relief, man, music was incredible. I listened to a couple of the new songs and it was all i could’ve wished for – the essence of TDG, style and everything.

What a relief. And joy. And blimin excitement. And ‘fuck me i have to wait for more than a month now’. But ‘yaaaaay!!! I’m going to see Three Days Grace!’.


My instagram account is overfilled with photos and videos now, but i loved the every moment of that night. Also, the warm up band – We are the Ocean i thought was really good, need to check them out a bit more.

And, i got my first official band merch – a baseball shirt, a gorgeous baseball shirt. ^^



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