A week of happy and Liene

Sadly, just a few hours ago i had to walk my dearest friend to the train station to say arrivederci as she got onto the train to Manchester to fly back home.

It was probably a crying moment, but i was a man.

Anyhow, we had a marvellous week if you ask me, and hopefully she thinks so too. We didn’t have any grand plans but i wanted her to see and do as much as possible while she was here so maybe a day or two seemed a bit rushed for which I am sorry. But she will come again when it is not that cold. – am i right?

Well it all started on a Saturday last week. She arrived slightly late but nonetheless, i was there to meet and greet her. As i stood there at the arrival zone i thought dang it, should have made a card like other important people have when somebody new meets them, more often a driver of some sorts. I will definitely do that next time. This time it was just me standing there with a take-away cup of tea and my phone camera on standby. i wanted to take a ‘the beginning of a journey’ picture, but all i managed to achieve was this. Lol.


It was already late on that day so nothing much was going to happen. She saw a bus trip and a snowing England that was baffling everybody. P.S. She is the reason it started to snow in England in the first place. It cannot be a coincidence that it starts to snow as soon as that winter fanatic’s plane takes off. But it was nice, thank you, i like snow too, i just wasn’t expecting it… at all.

 As we got in we were greeted with a lovely dinner by my boyfriend and a massive dosage of British wit. While having the late dinner we showed her some of the best British sitcoms – Red Dwarf, IT Crowd, Only Fools and Horses and some sketches with John Cleese. And then, bedtime it was. Boyfriend was kind enough to let us have the big bed while he was crashing on the sofa. Obviously, we fell asleep a few hours after we initially got into the bed… So much stuff had to be talked over. ^^

Sunday morning was relaxed and casual. I say that because I don’t really remember what we did, but I know that in the afternoon we went out and Liene got to experience a real traditional English pub with a game of darts following with a lovely meal in a Cafe Bar afterwards.

DSC_0863She did all right, more than so, she did really good, even stole my darts buddy.

Monday started with a trip to my gym. I wanted to show her where i spend most of my time and also a good relaxation in the jacuzzi was in order after the night before. We went to a pilates class (unfortunately not allowed to put up a photo from the class) and then jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and some more jacuzzi. When we got back home we made a delicious lunch and once we finished it off we were the two sleepiest bunnies in the world. Day seemed too short, but we didn’t want to waste any more time so we got dressed and went out to hit some shops. But as it turned out there were only an hour left till closing time, we didn’t really see or do much else, went back home and played some Worms on Ps4.

Tuesday was supposed to be a bit more productive but it was still one of those late mornings. Eventually we did manage to get ready and set off. My plan was to show her around town, more shops and museums. In the end it was something close to 9 hours of us being out and about on our feet. In the end we made sushi and had a lovely evening.

Wednesday was a trip day.

There’s not much to see in Preston, especially in winter. Also, as i am not really that familiar with any other major cities, i decided to take her to one place i did know my way around – Liverpool. I used to visit it quite often because that was where my plane back home used to ummm… live.

It was always a bus ride for me and always through Southport. Never actually been there properly, but from what i had seen it looked like a very, very beautiful town so i thought on our way to Liverpool we could stop there for an hour to look around. Initially that was exactly what i planned just an hour because we didn’t really have an abundance of time with the board game night planned at 7pm and stupidly long bus rides. But, man, my plan went tits up because Southport (a coastal city) turned out to be absolutely beautiful. Weather was perfect as well so we ended up spending a lot more time there, but it was worth it.

First thing we did in Liverpool we got stuck in Primark for more than an hour. Ok, i got stuck, Liene was shopping, but i was happy she found some stuff especially since the day before i seemed to be the one shopping. Then i took her to the Albert Docks. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time left to explore all the museums and galleries there but we had a wonder around and a sneak peak into the Museum of Liverpool. Sun was slowly setting but still shining bright making my camera hard to focus on the the pretty buildings far back. (photo)

DSC_1015As the last thing before leaving we went to Starbucks for some warm brew. Neither of us had ever been to this franchise end experienced the funky name changes they do on the cups that later appear all over the internet. We decided to give it a go. Well, i got exactly what i expected – the English version of my name, Liene had a slightly funnier outcome, but still, i thought he whole experience would be more epic. hihi.

Thursday was a lazy day. After being out and about for so long we slept like babies and didn’t want to get out of the bed. Plan was rather simple – pub with darts in the evening and some last shopping beforehand since this was the last day for her here because she went to Birmingham on Friday to see a friend.

She wanted to see a squirrel and i wanted to show her one. Although my boyfriend said they are sleeping because it’s winter, i didn’t believe that because seriously? English (city park) squirrels having a winter nap because they have stashed the food like all the other normal proper animals? Yea’ right. But then the real England happened. While we were out it started raining. The whole week was pretty good i must point that out, cold, but otherwise really good, but then on Thursday it happened, Liene saw the real England. We did the shopping she wanted and then just found a comfy spot in Cafe Nero to chill, chat and be warm. If the cold didn’t freak the squirrels – that rain definitely did.


It was a nice time and it was nice having a friend. Hope she comes and visits me again some time soon. When it is not winter so that we could go to Southport and Liverpool (and Blackpool then) again.

Love you lots, hope you got home safe.



3 thoughts on “A week of happy and Liene

  1. It was an awesome week indeed! Thank you so much! It was awesome to meet you and all of those things.. you left out my winning the darts part though 😛
    Love ya’

    Liked by 1 person

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