Life of Susie

Hello there, I’m Susie, the ferret.


This year i will be 3 years old, according to my mums owner i was born on the 23rd of June. I had lots of brothers and sisters. I was the smallest of them all. We lived in a big hutch in the back garden. It was filled with straw and it was a lot of fun playing around. But then, one day, two humans arrived with a cage in their hands. I was confused but i enjoyed biting a new set of hands. A few minutes later i ended up in that cage that had a lovely blanket inside, at that time i didn’t know that at a later date i would destroy it. That day i experienced a longish walk, a bus ride and my new home. It seemed i had a whole room to myself and it was a huge room too. I had a food and water bowl, a scratching post (for some reason) and some toys. It was interesting, scary but interesting, i was curious.

I think i learnt my way around the humans pretty quickly. I always kept an eye on what they were doing, what ever it was, always. I made sure they always knew about my presence. I gathered all the unneeded objects and put them in my secret place for safe keeping. Well mostly just socks and rubbery things. Humans didn’t seem to appreciate that, they were calling me names and taking the socks and putting them back into the laundry basket, like that’s were they should be. Doh! But i never gave up, i always fixed everything when they weren’t looking.

They took me out once. It was… strange. And cold and wet. But eventually i grew to like walks, though i am still not a big fan of my harness. Also, i much rather prefer being carried by my humans. I like looking around more than using my little legs.

I believe i have trained my humans well. There are times, of course, when we get into arguments when for some strange reason they don’t like me digging into the carpet or the whole sock things comes up again, but i’m sure one day they will give up. Only that female human is rather annoying, when i hiss and bite she hisses and bites back, need to do something about that.

They do give me my favourite treats. I prefer my malt paste the best. It is so good that i would sell my soul just to get my paws on a box or two of that stuff. Also, i love strawberries and raspberries, and grapes and chocolate only for some strange reason the female human gets all mental when she sees me going for the chocolate, weirdo. And she always calls me weirdo because apparently my kind is supposed to eat raw meat but i don’t give a flying f about it. Chocolate, i prefer that and fruit, yes. Don’t believe the internet, that is what i’ll tell you.

Then i moved to Latvia for a bit and got introduced to the snow. It is cold i tell you. It made me grow a triple coat and my humans called me fatty. But i think they call me so out of love.



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