Note to self #1

I think it is very important to log your (mine, his, hers) life. All the big events as well as the small ones that seem irrelevant at certain times. I am a fanatic when it comes to memories and remembering stuff and a few years back everything seemed fine with that, but now i am starting to realise that it is actually very very hard to be constantly remembering everything.

Lets take for example a pc and compare it to my brain. I have a massively huge hard drive full of my life’s memories and there’s plenty more space for years to come. However my problem occurred when i realised that i’ve been keeping far too many of my life memories not on my hard drive somewhere safe, but on my RAM, which lately has been acting out on me – i keep forgetting to buy milk or toilet paper, but i still remember how certain people smell and how i felt one night driving in a car through my home-town. Those kind of memories are awesome and i will treasure them forever, but seriously, they should be on the hard drive, because, man, it can be bad when you forget that bloody toilet paper.

So i’ve decided to start a diary of some sorts, the kinda thing for my own benefit at first, but the, who knows where it can lead.

I want like sum-up of my life so that i can look back and re-evaluate. Plus, i want to make sure i am living a productive life, so once i sit down to sum the whole month up, i will see what i’ve done and if that is enough or should i be trying harder next month. I will shut up and proceed with the round up.


<< Planning, organising, Three Days Grace, Liene and little bit of travelling, origami, binge-watched Grand Designs, first audio-book >>

Technically, when i started this, January was still going, a fair few days were left but i could already see that it had been a good month. Not just productive but also full of activities, yes, lets call them activities. The highlights of the month would probably be the Three Days Grace gig in Manchester and my friend’s visit. Also, i started and finished a commissioned project as well as a few personal ones.

And know lets put more structure into this.

~Life events~


sdgfhI am not a party animal, nor am i actually a people’s person, but this year (almost like a resolution) i wanted to do more stuff, try new things. Last year in November it took me a few days to decide, commit and finally buy the tickets to see Three Days Grace live. Up until now, i had never been to a gig like that. I have had my share of festival experience and local band gigs in pubs, but never a proper one-band (with a warm-up of course) concert. I always kind of wanted to, but never had enough courage and obviously funds, but that was when i lived in Latvia (plus rarely something happened there) and when i was a student in England i didn’t even check the costs.

I was genuinely surprised how relatively cheep it was to see my favourite band. Obviously without taking into the account travel costs and, as it became clear on the spot – the awesomely cool-looking merch that is usually on sale at the gigs (p.s. i got an awesome baseball tee). The gig itself wasn’t that big, nor it was packed with people what probably helped my case of not liking people. Sound was good (i was concerned about that part i must say) and they played all the songs i wanted – perfect.


tfyuiQuite a few months back when Liene bought the tickets to come and visit me i was happy and excited. But then it was coming up to Christmas and all other things got in the way of thinking about that and i almost had that kind of ‘meh’ feeing about it, but not in a bad way, i suppose that’s what happens in life. Anyhow, but when the actual day of her arrival approached i was frantically running around trying to tidy and think of stuff to make sure everything was well while she was here. I was excited to say the least. The week we had was a lot of fun. Nothing major, but now i realise how good it is to have a friend near by. For various reasons. It was nice going out, it was nice staying in and re-watching old TV-shows, basically it was nice to do stuff together. I do miss her now and feel rather lonely at times.


Wall Calendar and a To Do List board

I spent all last year planning out this one. Again, can’t say i came up with anything big or important. The key was actually in the word – planning- itself, i was making sure i can plan this year to stay on top of things and achieve more. First I made a huge wall calendar that i fully personalised with birthdays, name days and other important to me events. I printed it off as soon as the print shop was open after the holidays and set it up in the kitchen where i can see it every day many times in the day.

The other thing that i made was a To-do-List. I used to have a tiny pocket diary where i would have all the necessary info about the week as well as the things i needed to do. But since this year i made the wall calendar, i thought a pocket diary is a bit redundant so i had to come up with another idea for planning may daily/weekly tasks. I really enjoy the outcome and i’d like to believe it is making me be at least i bit more productive.

Save the Date cards

sedfhghJanuary was also a month for my first paid project which is always nice. My boyfriend’s friend is getting married and they asked me to help them with the card design. They already had an idea, they just needed someone to put it together for them. It wasn’t such a big job on my part but still – every little counts, right?! Hopefully they will hire me to do the invitations and what not (not really familiar with wedding stuff) as well. It would be nice indeed.



Most of the second part of the month if not all of it i spent cutting and folding paper. Although January is now over i am still folding it. I suppose i should say why. Well, i am making 1000 paper cranes as a birthday present for a friend. It is a very tedious and long winded process i must say, but in a way i quite enjoy it. I do not however enjoy the cramps in my hands at night that don’t let me sleep nor the back pain from constantly sitting funny while i fold. I like the fact that it’s a job that is easily combined with another one. You know, multitasking of some sorts. I’ve watched like million episodes of Grand Designs by now. I’ve gone as far back as 1999 😀 . When staring at a screen became too much i decided to try my first audio-book – Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, narrated by Stephen Fry. And i loved it! (Not that i doubted that) It is such a marvellous thing – the audio-book. I love to read, but it is not always possible so this is a perfect way to still enjoy books.


5 year Q&A

This year i started a Q&A book that is meant for five years. Actutally, i got my friend Liene and my self a copy each because i thought it could end up being rather amusing. We both started it this year which means we will finish it when we turn 30 and BLIMEY that is one scary thought 😀 so i thought what could be better than go through something like that together with her. It is a truly remarkable thing and i am already looking forward to finishing it because i really want to see how my life turns out.

Some questions were silly like what i had for lunch that day, but some really made me think and i bet over the years my thoughts will change even if ever so slightly. These are just some of the questions for this month that made me think a bit more harder – Can people change?  Are you a leader or a follower? Are you holding a grudge? Are you seeking security or adventure? Who do you want to be?

Typodarium 2016

Ever since (probably) November i slowly started to become obsessed with type and when i learnt about this amazing calendar’s existence i just had to have it. It is the prettiest thing in the universe. Well, i’m exaggerating probably, but you get my point – it is really cool. I get so excited every morning when it is time to tear off yesterdays slip and a new font appears on the next one. I thought i should make a note of this months favourites. Some are straight off the calendar, some i found while researching deeper into designers work.

First one is a absolutely gorgeous script – Champion Script Pro. What i love about this one is the fact that they support all European languages based on the Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts – wonderful!

Second is a hand written script – Charmante. It is very neat and playful in the same time. Light but not too cartoon-y if you know what i mean.

Third is also a hand written font – FM-Ephire. It looks organic in a way, fresh and artistic. Not sure if those two things are combinable but that’s how i see it. Also, like the first one, it supports my language as well as Greek and Cyrillic.

The forth and the last is actually an artist or a studio that offers many beautiful and interesting fonts worth checking out – 4th February.

That’s it for this month i guess. This was trial and error for me, the first this kind of round-up post, but i enjoyed summing up my month and realising that a lot more has happened than i initially thought. It is a nice feeling to start a new month with.

Hello February!


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