Trip to the Zoo

It all started a week or so ago. While i was binge-watching my Grand Designs, an advert in between caught my attention. It was about a zoo. That was when i realised that i want to (need to/have to) go to the Zoo.

A few days or so ago i announced that wish (need) out aloud. Lucky for me my friend really likes these kind of quick ideas of mine. And so we did.

And so we arrange to go to the Chester Zoo just in two days. Oh excitement the night before, no sleep – that kind of excitement.

What a marvellous experience. We were there pretty much from the opening time till closing time yet we still didn’t see all of the animals.

Let’s start properly.

First thing that pleasantly surprised me was the easy way of getting there. Yes, we had to change trains once but that is just because of where we live, that is not the point. Once you get to Chester, oh, and if i might add – a very beautiful city, old Roman city, stunning buildings, want to visit it again and properly. Back to the point. Once you get out of the train and make your way out of the station all you need to do is cross the street to find yourself on a bus stop. You wait there until the bus ’32 – Park and ride’ picks you up and basically takes you to the Zoo’s front door. Well, it’s more like Zoo’s massive car park’s front gate, but it is as easy as that. And i loved all the road signs leading up to the zoo, they made me feel like a kid overfilling with a massive excitement.

The weather on the day felt at first a bit disheartening, but in all fairness – it was all right – it wasn’t raining nor freezing. As we entered the premises everything looked rather grey and dull which did kind of get to me and made me question if this was the right time to come, but it all changed in the first half an hour or so.


Yes, it was cold for most of the animals so they weren’t roaming their massive (and i mean massive) outdoor spaces but were instead indoors. But i realised that that was even better because i could see them a lot better, close up. And, that’s the second thing that surprised me – how much space each animal has – outdoor and indoor. Also, the fact that visitors have a chance to see the animals no matter what the weather is like outside.

First we saw different birds, then meerkats, then rhinos and painted dogs. Then i completely lost my way around and sense of time and we just kept walking. There is soooo much to see.


But Chester Zoo is not just a place where you can see many beautiful animals. It is a massive place like a beautifully landscaped park full of sculptures, pretty objects and scenes as well as ornamented buildings. Trees all around, green grass with pick-nick spots, gardens – indoor and outdoor. Beautiful. But you do need at least two days really to see it all.

Haven’t been to many Zoos but this is definitely one of the best there is or could be. I seriously cannot think what could make that place any better. I suppose if i could cuddle each animal… but that wouldn’t be fair or good for the animals themselves, so scrap that idea.

I would like to go there again, just to see the rest of the animals that we missed this time round like elephants, llamas, butterflies and others, but i will definitely consider a nicer summery day just to check out all the gardens properly that will be filled with beautiful flowers for sure.

Happy. Nice place. Go there. 



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