Am i missing out?!

I like complaining, i will start with that.

My morning starts (or has to start) with a glass of water. Lately it’s been lemon (+lime +mint) water, but as an unwritten rule – i just have to have a drink before i can eat or basically start my day in general. Same goes for the rest of the day no matter what kind of day it is, a work day or a lazy day. I drink my lemon water and teas, sometimes hot chocolates too, but that’s about it.

While in my last year of uni i got hooked on mochas from the local cafe but only because it was a big size hot chocolate with a hint of espresso or something. Ever since then i’ve tried so many mochas in various places and they’ve all been the other way round – coffee with a hint of chocolate, horrible in other words.

I am not a coffee person, in fact, i might be as opposite of a coffee person as possible. I don’t mind coffee and people who like coffee. We can co-exist. The thing that bugs me in this whole coffee culture is umm the side culture i suppose. I just don’t get it. And because i don’t get it i sometimes feel like an outsider since i don’t drink coffee. At no point during the day i even consider drinking coffee, i don’t feel the need of ever having a cuppa, it tastes horrible, to be completely honest.

But… Just like any designer i am a sucker for pretty designer-y things which wouldn’t be a problem really. The problem occurs when i find really nice and pretty designer-y things that are not relevant to me. Like – coffee. And that sucks. 😀 No, really. I almost wish i drank coffee you know, and was like an average coffee fanatic person.

Time to time some clothes ads pop up on my facebook feed like hoodies (like this, this), t-shirts (this, this and this for example) that have cool prints on the front, some quote that involves coffee in one way or another. The hand lettering is awesome, style – awesome, colours – the same, but… it’s not relevant to me. It’d be stupid for me to buy something like that and wear it.

I feel left out. I want to be cool too and have pretty things, but i want them to be relevant to me too.

First world problems. lol

Should i start my own ‘lemon-water merch’ ?! giggles



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