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Sooo, recently i started a new job in a fabric and craft shop. Very exciting, yes. I like arts&crafts and all that shit, and i used to go to that shop when i was in university to seek inspiration. I know that sewing, or even better – crochet, had not that much to do with my interior design course, but inspiration works in strange ways sometimes.

I got very excited when i saw a vacancy pop up in that store in my local branch. For some reason i suddenly really wanted to work there. Maybe i was simply sick of job-hunting but i thought it would be very interesting and i would definitely learn new things while working there.

So far i had done some crochet and a little bit of knitting, oh, and cross-stitching, and i enjoyed it, but had never done sewing. Well years ago in school i did my fair share of sewing, but i was a lazy bum and my nan ended up doing all the work for me, so i can’t say i got much out of those classes unfortunately. I am truly ashamed and sad for all the opportunities and knowledge i’ve wasted.

Anyhow, i applied, got the job, started working and barely two weeks in – i already started sewing. ^_^


I think only a week in into my new job (first pay day to be precise) i bought my first fabric and borrowed a sewing machine from my co-worker Helen. She is very lovely person by the way.

She advised me to start with something simple at first, like a cushion or a pencil case. Ease my way into the whole sewing business, but that doesn’t sound like me, does it. No, I decided to get plush jersey and to make a pair of comfy trousers to wear around the house.

So on my day off i went to the shop, bought my piece of fabric and an elastic enough to go round my waste, just like Helen told me to. Then i asked her if i needed to get a pattern too, (we sell millions of patters in the store – sewing, knitting, crochet, probably more, i just don’t know about it yet) but she kind of laughed, said no and then drew me this. That was very sweet of her. I gathered my purchases and went home to experiment.

I followed instructions and measured my legs and some trousers i have and drew the cutting lines on the fabric with a sharpie. That wasn’t the best idea – but it worked out fine.

It looked wrong i tell you, too big and nothing like trousers, but i still went with it. Once the cutting was done i hand stitched the pieces together just to make sure it all worked. It did! Boy, was i happy. So proud of myself. Despite the fact the waste went as high as my armpit area, but that was easily fixed. 😀

Next day i took my stitched trousers to work to show off and brag a little. ^^ Helen approved. I was happy.

When i was buying the fabric, she said i will have plenty left over to make a jumper or sth. I kinda laughed thinking i need to make the trousers first and i will probably screw something up and end up using all of it just to fix it. But in the end i did end up with a lot left so i asked her how to make that jumper she mentioned previously. She drew me another pattern on a piece of paper and i could proceed.

Few hours later the jumper was cut and stitched and little while later the whole pyjamas was finished! ^^ The most comfiest and warmest thing in what feels like the universe. And as soon as i was finished i knew i will have to make something else and soon.

Man, the excitement…DSC_1330

Just a week later i bought some more fabric and made my brother a pyjamas too, and since there is a lot of fabric left, i intend to make us a matching ones perhaps.


It is cool to make something for myself but even cooler to make something for the tinyone – little clothes are so cute ^^.


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