Note to self #2


<< Zoo, day job, new skills, new hobby, more origami >>

Yaaay. The highlight of this month was definitely me getting a job. Of course, not the kind i was initially looking for but somewhere along the way i realised that this is not the worst that could’ve happened. I finally have a source of income and enough time to shape and work on myself and my passions.

~Life events~


wasdgfhWhen i did the summary for the January i could see that it was a good month. A month well spent, as they (who?) say. I obviously wanted for February to be the same. So just a couple of days into the month and a day before my first day at work we decided it was a good day to go and visit the zoo. I know February as a winter month doesn’t make you think of outdoor events as such and i would probably suggest everyone to do such trips in a warmer season, but nevermind the weather – the trip was great.


Not a big cinema goer but once or twice a year i do get an opportunity to go and see a cool film on the big screen. This time we went to the cinema to watch Deadpool. Woop-woop. It was exciting. I think last time when i went to one was around this time last year. I saw Mortdecai. Oh what an awesome film that was. Loved it! But back to the Deadpool – it was cool too. Very funny and the very end bit was also silly. But the prices… man, seriously, why should it cost soooo much. Especially the bloody popcorn and shit. That doesn’t make sense. Such a rip off. But we did go all out and bought the meal deal thing – it took me three hours to drink half of this drink. 😀 Never finished.



Unfortunately some of my existing hobbies had to be put on hold this month because new job came with new creative manifestations. – I took up a new hobby – sewing. I always liked the idea, but never really looked into it because to be perfectly honest i am just a lazy bum. But now working there and being surrounded with people that do that for a living, i couldn’t help but get dragged into the whole business. And to be, again, perfectly honest – i am very grateful and happy for. Who knows when and if i’d ever done that on my own.


DSC_1066This sound familiar. This was a big (massive?) part of my January. So big that it stretched into the following month. But… You not gonna believe me but i did finish that crazy 1000crane project. Trust me when i say i won’t want to do any folding in the next few months (years?) but i am very pleased with the outcome. ^^


Typodarium 2016

So continuing on the font exploring journey, this month i believe i’ve found a lot more amazing fonts despite it being a shorter month.

The first one is a cool art deco ‘cousin’ font  – LUMIER. I just love the letter G. Well and the rest of them too. It is simple, yet there’s something interesting about it and easy to read. One bad thing i do however want to point out is the misled supported languages – it says Latvian, but they definitely do not support my language. Unfortunately. Not a huge thing just misleading, that’s all.

FRAM is the second on the list. It is a uppercase stencil typeface that supports Russian letters too which is always nice for me. From a distance or even at first glance it looks like a rather simple san-serif, but then you see the little gap things, a nice touch i would say. Light but not too cartoon-y if you know what i mean.

Next font i would say is a a bit out there. MANIFESTA – is an interesting (to say the least) geometric font that is definitely not the easiest to read, but there’s something about it that i like. Especially the lowercase; i find it really clever…it could work really well in certain situations. I don’t know what situations yet though.

Already as a previous month favourite the Parachute – type foundry. This month there were 2 favourites – PF REGAL STENCIL PRO and BENCHMARK PRO. The first typeface, according to the description, had to be elegant, luxurious, sexy, vibrant, reflect the female sensitivity and take into consideration a modern woman. Well, i think that’s achieved. I like the look of it – it is bold and gentle in the same time and it supports Cyrillic – perfect! The other one is a structured geometric san-serif typeface. I just like those angular curves.

AESTHET is a lovely (amost, not entirely) hand written type. I don’t know, the more i look at it and try my own words – all i can think of is – cute. A really cute font.

Next one is a free creative commons font that includes an icon pack. OPEN COMMONS LINZ – i wouldn’t say it’s perfect for big paragraphs but definitely would work on headlines, posters and stuff like that.The description is in German, and i am not quite there yet to read it and give a summary back in another language.Getting there. (no, i’m lying)

This one is again not a single typeface but an entire design studio’s typography –  ACCÈSDESIGN. Pretty much all of the fonts are just epic. I know that is a misuse of the word but i don’t know how else to express myself. Ad Lucky, Ad Melitta, Ad Soda – just some of the highlights. Love it!

K-TYPE is another great type foundry with amazing fonts but i will point out two favourite fonts – PROVINCIAL, i really like that one because it looks hand drawn and BANK OF ENGLAND – because… just because.

Last one this month is a whole website of fonts –  FONTFONT. Not sure if it is made by the same people/group/studio or not, but some fonts are just unbelievable. My two (barely chosen) favourites – FF MISTER K – a script font that portrays my name and surname in a beautiful way and – FF EGGO – which is slightly different but does the same epic thing. LOVing it!

5 year Q&A

My this month’s favourite questions by which i mean the questions that particularly peaked my interest and made me think about and reflect on life were – Are you seeking contentment or excitement? What is your biggest obstacle right now? On which i said me, because that is the case in most situations in life. Write down the cure for a broken heart. This wasn’t actually a question, but i found it amusing to be on the following day after Valentine’s day. Name one item you can’t throw out. This one stoke a chord because i’m a hoarder and simply can’t throw out anything. Are you the original or the remix?

I seriously cannot wait to see what i write on those same days in the next 4 years.

Monthly Favourites

This is a silly one but internet is full of this kind of stuff. They usually have something to do with make up. Like seriously, every month you need new shit to put on your face… where do you get the money?! Some do even candles…, which i find bizarre. Anyhow, this month something happened and i just wanted to put it out there.

I got ill on my 3rd day at the new job. I was angry to say the least. I didn’t know how to be in order to suffer through it and not miss work straight away after starting it. Head cold is a pretty common thing for me (damn you!) and i have my routine already all planned out that supposedly makes me feel better. (it doesn’t)

imageWell part of the routine is drinking Lemsip powder drinks. Disgusting thing but it helps. Or so i thought. On the second day, feeling even shittie, i popped into Poundworld (a shop, it’s not really a place made out of pounds (unfortunately)) to quickly grab some more of it but then my eyes were drawn to this pill pack. It said MAX and that was exactly what i needed at that point. First half of the day was not going well, i felt miserable and sorry for myself. Then on my lunch break i took one of those pills and didn’t really think much of it. Had my lunch and went back to work to continue be miserable.

Somehow, without noticing it, by the time it was only one hour left till closing time i realised how good i felt. I could clearly feel/see the difference. I was happy (-ish), more energised and shocked more than anything when i realised that. By 6 pm it started  wearing off, but, man, this shit works. Next day i took it first thing in the morning and felt pretty decent up until lunchtime and 2 days later i felt fine in general and did’t need them at all.

So that was cool, shortest head cold so far. But disclaimer – they didn’t work for my boyfriend. But he’s weird 😀


That’s about it this month. This turned out to be a really long post despite being a shorter month. A lot happened and i am very satisfied with it. Happy in other words.

Hello March, my birthday month! ^_^ you are very welcome, come, come!




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