This it is – 25. #1

Blimey. Bli – mey! 25 i am.

A quarter of a century. Can you imagine?! That sounds so much when in reality i am still a big kid. I don’t know how i got so far (old).

Last year i sort of made a to do list that i had to do before turning twenty five – i called it 25 before 25 – 25b25 for short. I did my best and tried to take full advantage of the time and now it’s time to sit down and reflect on life.dfghjk

Unfortunately i have to say that i was not able to tick all of the boxes on the list for various reasons, but in my defence i think i did pretty good anyway. Some things i actually decided were not worth carrying out in general. Like – Start repaying my student loan. I did like a debt free life at first but then i realised how much i didn’t want to spend my money on that bloody shitty education i received so i just let it slide. Also, i wasn’t really checking my list every single morning because the whole idea was to just do more with my time slash life, that’s pretty much it.

So the first thing on my list was to make a website and a blog. I would like to say i have successfully done that and am able to tick that one off, since i am writing here about the whole thing at this precise moment and time. However, i might’ve let my website – portfolio fall back a little. Not much has happened there nor i have improved or added to it. Woops, my bad! That is my this years task – to revamp my site.

Then, next couple of entries on my list were connected in one way or another to my independent life and career in a way as well. I wanted to become independent, have a great portfolio and land a cool job. Well… all that didn’t really pan out exactly the way i intended, but… everything that happens, happens for a reason, right?

I do live slightly more independently compared to the last year, i have a job now (yay) and i have to point out that i did make myself a rather cool portfolio.

Some of the following points on the list were rather similar. The key being – to try new things. Now, looking back, i want to say i’ve done more and tried more things in the last year then ever before. And that is cool.

Last year i tried hand-lettering for the first time and kept on pushing even when i didn’t think i was doing a good job at all (attempts – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). I started learning coding which was also a separate entry on my list. I am 76% into my Html & Css course and 51% into JS and animation. Have to admit i should’ve finished them by now, but i haven’t yet discovered the best way to manage my time. I will do this year, promise. Also, last year i started learning Chinese. Now i’m learning three languages on my own (again, not as much because of the lack of time management).

Most exciting thing that i tried (and committed) last year was a gym. I finally did it – i joined a gym. Man, the best decision ever. Can’t say i’ve lost my jelly tummy or become a body builder, but i could see improvements straight away. – My sleep got so much better, all i need to do now is put my head on the pillow and i’m out. I am a lot stronger, even if that only means i can carry more stuff home from the store. In general i just feel really really good despite the frequent muscle aches i get after the workouts.

On a more fun note – last year i tried lots of fun and silly things too. I went skiing with Liene. It was awkward but damn, so much fun. We had a lot of fun that day. I participated in a Living library event as an interpreter, oh, yes, studied translation. – That’s where i started learning German. Got sucked into a board game world. Went to my first ever one band gig, travelled to the zoo and took up a new challenge slash hobby – sewing. Also i didn’t forget about my usual hobbies like cooking and reading. I tried cooking lots and reading too especially after getting my Jamie Oliver’s cook book ^^.10945383_896616780369423_2657458513619692683_o

The last thing on my list was – to Be happy. Well… i tried my best. Last year was rather full of good moments and happy emotions and i am very grateful for that 🙂 .



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