This it is – 25. #2

Well this is sort of the second (unintended) part to my 25b25 story. And it is all thanks to my bestie Liene who for some silly unexplainable reasons decided to make me another list that i now have to finish before i stop being 25.

That’s just cruel, man!

FYI – i still not quite accustomed with the whole ‘im 25’ fact.


So… the 25 things she wants me to do in my 25th year:

  • read 5 books (Thanks for this. Seriously?! Just five?! Who does she think i am?! For her information – this is still my birthday month and i have already started a book >.>)
  • attend 5 cultural events (Can’t help but sense some sort of a thing going on here. I think she thinks i’m not cultural enough, i’ll show her…)
  • cook dinner for friends (i cook. and all the time doh. but here i think she’s just being cheeky, since she is my friend)
  • make something pretty for my best friend Liene (Right! I’m starting to see what all of this is actually about)
  • create my own how-to Youtube video ( yes…, well… nooop. have no idea where she is going with this. Me? on Youtube? this’s a tough one)
  • sew a dress (ok, i can do this one, elementary)
  • call someone i haven’t talked in a while (eeerrm. tricky. shall i not talk to her for a bit and then call, would that count?)
  • write a letter to 30-year-old me (this is bound to be interesting)
  • go to an amusement park and ride a roller-coaster (yes, that is my plan this year)
  • do something that scares me (ha! that’s easy – almost everything scares me, might as well tick that one off right now)
  • take up a challenge ( please, my life consists of challenges lately. of course i will do that)
  • organise a slumber party (actually a cool idea, have never done anything like that)
  • organise a picknick (again – awesome idea that i’ve been meaning to bring to life for years now)
  • do something silly (again, that’s easy – i do silly stuff aaaaall the time)
  • support and take part in my my cool friend’s Liene’s activities (i am starting to sense a pattern here)
  • learn a poem in a foreign language (apparently Russian and English doesn’t count anymore, dang it!)
  • laugh ( all righty then – muahahahahah – just practising)
  • do something funny (not sure how this differs from the silly one but will see)
  • learn to sing a silly song by heart (not quite sure what would described as a silly song…. probably something out of a commercial maybe?
  • complete an online course ( yes, yes i will do that, not a problem)
  • do a project (c’mon – my life consists of projects, i’m pretty sure i will pass this one with flying colours)
  • learn something new (>.> every day is a school day as Neil says, and i constantly learn something new)
  • visit my best Liene (yes, there’s definitely a pattern…)
  • (Brīva vieta jūsu reklāmai or in other words – i can pick what is the 25th thing. I will probably do that on the last day of my twenty five ^^


So this is it. This is the challenge she’s set for me. I guess i will get back to you in around a years time with updates of how i’ve managed to tick all of those points.


that was my face when i received the list, pretty much.


4 thoughts on “This it is – 25. #2

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  2. You always say you buy books, but I never hear you reading them, so I wanted to do it slowly 😀
    What dinner have you cooked for friends? I mean it like a nice gathering with the table and everything 😀
    Youtube one is tough, but you aren’t going to be pretty forever, so you should do videos while you can 😀
    Silly is more meant in a way that you might regret that later, but still do it, because being a grown up doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes.. Funny then is something laughable.
    Commercial song might be ok, then again it should have lyrics to remember, not just “Buy this, buy this, this is good”
    Ohhhh, that last one is a great idea ^^
    Oh, stop lying that was not your face! You were probably jumping up and down with joy!

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