Last year, truly by coincidence, i somehow got sucked into the world of boardgames.

My family has never been big on boardgame nights, however we are the proud owners of a really old Monopoly and some sort of Bingo style game. Both played maybe once or twice in my lifetime.

Anyhow, as a kid i had my fair share of boardgames too. Snakes and Ladders type ones and even a children Monopoly where the most expensive street cost a fiver. Mad! But i did have a few games and i enjoyed playing them, only it was never a big thing.

As growing older i completely stopped playing Snakes and Ladders and Monopoly and to be perfectly honest – don’t remember any occasion where i had played any kind of boardgame ever since. I did however always want to play more and try out different boardgames. For many many years, while watching American sitcoms where they always played Scrabble (well, at least in the old ones they did – Step by Step, Full House), i was soo eager to try that game. It looked like a ton of fun, but maybe in a weird geeky way because i like spelling?!

In a way, it all started with scrabble for me.


And couple of Christmases ago i received my very own game of Scrabble. ^_^ it was exciting. And rather difficult as it turned out because whether i like it or not my English vocabulary has it’s limits.

Around the same time i was introduced to another game – Uno, which later turned to be a serious friendship wrecker. Still – a good game. Quick and easy.


But all that was still just early stages. I might as well had continued playing Snakes’n’Laddres – child’s games. Everything changed when i tagged along to a Boardgame’s night at a pub one night where certain people gather every week to play some serious boardgames. Some of them even paint their own figurines. That’s how serious those guys are.

I was definitely not taking all of that that seriously, but i enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun. I don’t remember the name of the first game i played there (top picture on the right) but it had monsters and it was hard, but i think we won in the end. By we i mean it was a team game.

The second game was the one for me. ‘Deadman Tell no Tales‘. We played it (again, a team based), we lost, but i loved it! It had so many little bits and bobs (i think that’s what sold it to me) and tricky challenging moves – a crazy amount of fun.

After that, i played it a couple more times, lost every time, but really, really wanted to own that game. So my boyfriend sort of took up a mission get it for me for Christmas last year, but is still trying. That is not an easy game to find and buy.

But since he knows how much i like it and want it, and that i always expect it (i mean i hope that he’s found it)  he keeps getting me other games as a distraction i guess. At first i wasn’t so keen about it, but now i think it’s ace.

My collection keeps growing and that is cool. On my birthday i got two more games – Pandemic, which has a very similar gameplay to the ‘Deadman…’ one and Watson and Holmes, that we still haven’t played because it has limited case studies and we are saving them for special occasion.



2 thoughts on “Boardgames

  1. I’ve heard about this Mysterious or something like this board game – Gunta has it and she says it’s awesome, so we should try to play it sometime..


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