Note to self #3



<< Birthday, challenges and fails >>

Gonna be honest – March turned out somewhat different to what i thought or wanted to initially, but not like in a bad way. I turned twenty-five and probably that had some sort of an affect on that… nop it didn’t. I wanted this month to be a bit more filled with random, nice and useful events/things. Basically i had a plan and i didn’t stick to it because i hadn’t written it down it was just in my head. You have to write things down in order to get shit done. The moral of this story. Month i mean. A small fyi – i did write things down eventually – three days before the month run out, but that was too late for some random reason. I didn’t reach my imaginary goals in other words and that made me be slightly grumpy about this whole month. And the more i think about it the more i start to think that the age does have something to do with that.

~Life events~


I turned 25. I’ll cut it short. I had a birthday and i became a year older. I already wrote on that so i don’t want to think about it any more than i already have.


Daily Dropcaps challenge

Well i rather failed at this one since the idea was to do one letter every day starting with the first of March but i only did one and then missed 5, caught up, got behind again, then did 20 in one day.  But, you know, still, i did it. I have a whole sketchbook filled with two alphabets.


People at work knit, crochet and do all sorts of cool stuff in their free time not just at home, but on their breaks at work too. I saw that on my first day i found it rather cool. Probably in some weird (slightly wrong perhaps) geeky way. I wanted to be one of them so i took up a project myself. A bolero cardigan that i’ve been wanting to have/make for a few years now. First i couldn’t decide on the colour. The readymade on the mannequin in the store is in cream on a black mannequin and it looks amazing. But then when i think about myself and the relationship i have with white clothes, it doesn’t seem like the best idea. Also, i thought black would look really good and since it would be harder to see if/when i mess sth up i went for the black. Bought the pattern and the wool and super chunky needles. Ok, 6mm, there are chunkier than that but still. According to the pattern for my size i only needed 2 yarn balls, which made me a little bit suspicious. The whole thing actually made me suspicious. And there was a very valid reason. I got to the last piece – the sleeve did the lenght, started shaping the armpit and run out of wool. Now i need to go and buy more wool just to do ridiculously narrow 24 rows. I knit very loosely and with those needles i was making net more than knitting.

So technically i didn’t finish it in March, but in my defence i did spend the best part of it making that bloody thing.


5 year Q&A

This month’s favourites: Did you sleep alone last night? I found this one particularly funny, it’s an interesting question and in 5 years could be fun thing to reflect on. Who’s your nemesis? That was rather harsh. What was the last movie you rented? As i typed this question i realised i lied in my answer. Well first of all it made me laugh because i remembered at that point about renting VHS tapes (yes, that long ago) and then completely skipping dvd’s and moving straight onto downloading or streaming. But now i realised that actually, in my first half of the first year of uni when i didn’t have the internet at the place i lived, i did take some dvd out of the uni library. So here it goes. 5 years ago. If you could add one hour to your day, what would you do with it? CREATE! What do you want to buy? Erm… everything? always? What new activity have you tried? In three words, describe your spirituality. I don’t think i got this one right. When was the last time you felt like you were on top of the world? What inventions can you not live without? As it probably would turn out – all of them.

Typodarium 2016

This month’s favourites are somewhat in a similar style – decorative, complicated even, definitely not meant for paragraphs of writing.

First one is a mind boggling slab font – Oxymora Typeface. It’s some sort of a relative to those mind-screwing photos that look cool but when you stop and pay a bit more attention nothing makes sense and your mind is about to blow. Cool though.

Second – Guadalupana – reminds me of tv series Stargate for some reason. It’s that kind of font, you know, somewhat mystical. Interesting.

Fansy – what looks like a very simple font at first can actually be turned into something really cool if have a little play with colours.

The forth pick is a decorative blackletter – Germany No. 101. Beautiful romantic and doesn’t really look like a stencil although apparently it’s based on real stencils.

Last two fonts come from the same place. BC Merkur – an awesome font inspired from circular shapes derived from geometrically constructed typefaces and “constructs” letterforms out of basic children’s toy building blocks: perforated bars, wheels, caterpillar tracks, steer­ing wheels, metal nuts and bolts, hooks, keys and other indispen­sable material. Also i just love the idea of replacing the dots with led lights.. Oh it would look so cool.

BC Kakao – a complete opposite to the other fonts. It’s loosely based on calligraphy and handwriting. Unfortunately i lack adjectives so all i can say is nice it’s a nice font. Friendly and welcoming, if used on a menu i’d say.

I fell really behind with this month round-up. April is already in it’s (blimay) third week. It’s already been awesome and can’t wait to see what else is there and how the round-up will turn out. As for March – it did turn out a bit different, but not bad bad. I had to rush some things and it looks a bit empty this post but i am not disappointed. It’s just a reminder to try and do better.

Hello April!

It should be (is) a good one…


4 thoughts on “Note to self #3

  1. I can’t wait when we’ll have the wine/remembering/5yearsQ&A pyjgama party or something 😀
    Also, have you made something nice for me already? 😀
    Also, you need to help me think of a project or something we can do together!
    Have fun in April and do these things that I’ve written above 😛

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