Lets Knit, knit knit knit

So i work in this cool shop i have mentioned like three times here already that sells a ton of awesome things. Fabrics, wool, ribbons, craft supplies, you name it. Even cute little espresso cups.

The people who work there are cool too. I only know them for a couple of months, maybe a bit longer, but they are nice and very smart and capable of creating some serious shit. On break times almost all of them are creating something. And you know by now how much i like creating creative things.

The first month there i spent reading a magazine on my breaks and lunches. Once i was done with that i thought it is time to create something.

So i took up a project to knit myself a bolero jacket.

For the first time I was introduced to a knitting pattern. Man, that was gibberish, spy code to me, still is every time I glance at it. But lovely Lizzy was kind enough to explain and was very patient with me. She explained everything and kept explaining over and over again until i pretty much finished the whole thing.

So, the outcome. Am I happy? Not entirely. The bolero is like five sizes too big for me. And that is not an exaggeration.

When i was a kid my knitting was ridiculously tight. Now, it’s the extreme opposite. If i  had used sewing needles instead of knitting needles, i would have probably reached the needed outcome. Pattern said i had to use size 6 needles though which are more on the chunkier side. So that, plus my way of knitting and I got myself a bolero that is waaayyyy too big for me.

But i think I can still wear it. There is a possibility. A chance that i can make it work. It’s baggy, that’s for sure, but maybe i can work around it. There’s always the tumble dryer option. But i’m just scared that would make it too small, too tight. I just see that happening.

Boyfriend laughed that I will grow into it. Well, that is definitely not an option. A big no no to that one, thanks.

I do love the yarn however, and am planning on making something else. A different colour perhaps and definitely smaller needles. Will see what happens then.


9 thoughts on “Lets Knit, knit knit knit

  1. I love it!! It’s awesome! Sure, maybe a bit too big, but from the side it looks awesome! How much yarn did you need for it?


    1. Thanks.

      That is a rather painful subject 😄
      The pattern said i will need two balls of yarn. But i ran out and had to buy the third ball just to finish last 24 rows of my sleeve.

      But again, that’s because i knit so loosely. 😌


      1. But it’s really not that much. I’m thinking of knitting a sweater at some point, however, by knitting scarfs or socks or other things I’ve realized that it does take quite a lot of yarn, so I cannot imagine how much it might take for a whole sweater.. Plus they closed up the awesome yard shop we had, so now I have no idea where to get it :/


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