Note to self #4


<< Travelling, changes, home and time management fails >>

Well adiós April, you’ve been epic. So many great things happened, though my time management skills this month went down the toilet very fast. I wanted to start something new this month and i did, sort of, start it, but haven’t yet managed to finish it, so stay tuned. Maybe next month will be the one.

~Life events~


Month started great. Neil drove us down south and i got to experience a different kind of England. Much nicer kind of England. Visited so many lovely towns and villages. Saw some breathtaking scenery and the weather was incredibly good (for English April), as if someone had gone all out just to arrange it. The actual blog post about the roadtrip is not ready yet, hence the time management issues, but it should be up any day now. (Update: It’s up here!)


Trip back Home

Such a travelling month this was. Just as the month was running out i finally, for the reasons that will be revealed next month, got a chance to visit home for a week. Haven’t been there for more than 8 months it was such an amazing feeling. I wanted to squeeze everything into that week i possibly could – to see everyone, to eat everything, to do everything i otherwise can’t. It was great, even managed to see some proper sun. It was sad to leave everyone, but i had to come back, i have some unfinished business here in England.



I can’t say i was very creative in April. I tried, i failed. The ideas i had for this month were big, but i failed at them miserably and now i’m picking up the pieces and struggling to get back on track. I did do some hand-lettering for every town i visited down south, but there is more to it, that i really hope i  can share sometime very soon.

Also, i finished my bloody cardigan. I took it home and gave to my mum as a present. She likes that kind of garments and it didn’t look as big on her. I do hope she wears it. That would make me feel rather proud and happy.


5 year Q&A

Who do you feel closest to? I said Liene. I like Liene. What sound effect are you most like today? This one was funny. I couldn’t really come up with an answer, but i said cash machine because i was on the till all day at work. If you could acquire a talent (without any extra effort), what would it be? Music! What famous person would you bring back from the dead to have dinner with? See, this one made me feel stupid. I couldn’t name a single person. I’m i sad? How many times did you curse today? Oh, i would actually love if someone could keep track of that. What do you want to say when someone asks ‘what do you do’? This one was a nasty one. Tinyone had asked me what was my profession and when i said designer, he wasn’t quite sure what that meant because he knew i was working in a store. Made me feel sad. How would your parents describe you? This one made me laugh. Usually they say i’m lazy, but recently they keep saying that they are proud of me and that i’m very creative and talented. Who would you trade places with for just one day? On that specific day i said no one, cuz i was coming home. What are three words to describe your social life? This made my cry inside lol.

Typodarium 2016

April here has been also rather cool. Lots of beautiful fonts or should i say even whole type foundries.

LinoType – tons of amazing stuff. Would end up pointing out every single one of the typefaces, so decided to share the whole catalogue – beautiful fonts everywhere.

Next one is an actual font font and i might’ve just fallen in love with it… as much as one can fall in love with a font. Wild pen – is basically what it says on the tin. Strokes are free, creative and allow presence of drops and blots of ink. I don’t know how normal or crazy that is, but this font is just so me…

Cape Arcona Type Foundry is yet another amazing place to hunt for stunning fonts. Couldn’t point out one favourite even if i tried.

LiebeFonts is either a foundry or a one-person thing, not sure, but in any case – some amazing work. LiebeDoris – my fave.

The last one is actually a person. A graphic designer who’s done a few fonts – Zuzanna Rogatty. I’m still halfway exploring her page myself, but everything i’ve seen so far has been amazing.

Better late than never. April recap is done, forgetting the fact that single April posts are still drafts. One thing at a time, they say.

Hola Mayo! You make me nervous and excited.


One thought on “Note to self #4

  1. I love those handlettering things! But it seems I cannot make that pictures larger, to see them better and that makes me a bit sad.
    And you are awesome for coming back home! I was so happy to see you! Plus you actually did do one more thing from the todolist ^^
    In the Q&A I had trouble with those dead people as well, and indeed, the social life question was a cruel one 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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