Roadtrip down South. Part 1

April for me started rather cool. What was meant to be just a weekend visiting my boyfriend’s mum turned into a whole week with all sort of activities when his dad hijacked our plans.

Big thanks to him for that. He is a big planner so he had planned the whole thing to the tiniest detail (he says he even arranged the amazing weather for the week while we were there). He found the best place to stay, he rented a car and drove us everywhere, he arranged all the meetings with relatives and all the mini trips around the area.

It all started on a Monday. Had to wake up pretty early. We had to pack Susie up and take her to a friend’s house where she would stay for the time being.

Once that was done, it was the case of going through the stuff in the kitchen to make sure everything is thrown out or put in the right place so that on our return nothing green and fluffy, and smelly would greet us back.

For the first time i actually did my packing the night before. I know, shocking. But, man, that makes things so much easier 😀 . No running around like a headless chicken in the morning, nothing got left behind. Great!

I called shotgun (like month before) and the trip was on. There were around 300 miles ahead of us and i really didn’t know what to expect. I was enjoying my time. My boyfriend, who’s not a keen traveler, found a fully working plug socket in the back of the car so he was happy playing games on my laptop. And Neil, his dad, was just as excited as i was.

The whole trip consisted pretty much of motorways that luckily were without any accidents so traffic was smooth. There was some scenery to enjoy too. Some hilly bits, some foresty bits, valley villages, a few taller buildings closer to Birmingham but when we approached and entered the Sussex county, man, what a beautiful scenery. A completely different England to what i am so used to here up North.

Destinations was our temporary home literally on the sea front. I don’t think you can get any closer than that. The beach huts were on the same level.

The place itself was so lovely and welcoming. The owners have done a great job fitting the place and keeping it stocked up with just the right things. Like the hand lotion in the bathroom and almost origami towls on the bed.

We unpacked a bit and settled into our new home and then went to the store to buy some food and other bits and bobs so that later, once the unpacking is complete, we could go out for a little pub crawl and see if we can find a place to play some darts and try the Sussex ales.

Spoiler – we had beer but no darts, pubs don’t seem to have dartboard there. Not as popular i guess.



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