Roadtrip down South. Part 2

Continuing to my Roadtrip Spring’16 story.

Day 2

There is something about waking up on a seaside. Not that i’m an expert since i’ve lived all my life as far away from the sea as possible, but the feeling was great.

Woke up relatively early for a vacation, opened the living room patio door and i could hear the waves. The whole beach in that area is covered in pebbles so the sound of the waves is so distinct and soothing in a way a music instrument could be.

Sun came out and we set off to explore the seaside. There was a market happening in Bognor Regis. It sold the usual junk, but one stalls was devoted purely to sunglasses – something i desperately needed. Obviously, just like any market, all of them where Dolce&Gabana and other big brands, big knock-offs i mean.

I am not a fan of big in your face brand logos. Like the actual thing, when the logo on the sunglasses is bigger and shinier than anything else, i find it stupid and ugly.

My face is something stupid and ugly too when it comes to choosing hats and/or sunglasses. Nothing suits me. It was a truly magical moment when i found sunglasses there that had no branding logo and did suit me to some extent. And you can’t really go wrong with 7 quid purchase.

On that day we also went to the Pier and to the Arcade. I played my utmost favourite 2p machines and some next gen Mario Cart. I can easily see myself spending my life like that.

Day 3 was Brighton day. Loved it. Although the wind there was somewhat crazy, it was a great day. We didn’t spend that much time there unfortunately because we had family plans later that day so i intend to go there again very soon. We had a look in The Lanes – maze of little boutiques and cafe bars. I bought some funky accessories and had a delicious ice cream on the Brighton Pier. Oh, and played more 2p machines. I won captain america key chain and other nonsense ^^.

Day 4 was little shopping day for Neil and a dinner meal with a part of the family for us.

Day 5 was a trip day to see some more family members. We had lunch in a restaurant and then went over to the aunt’s house to rummage through some very, very old photos. I am a sucker for memories and old times, even when it has nothing to do with me, for some random reason. What was intended like a short stay, because we had an early morning the following day, turned into a past midnight one. But all that was worth it.

Day 6

The last day of the trip slash vacation. I was honestly sad. I didn’t want to leave the sea and the nice part of England.

But it wasn’t the drive back just yet. First we went to London, to have a stroll round there. Neil took me to see the Boleyn Ground in Upton Park. That’s where West Ham United FC lives. Or, i should say lived, since they are moving to the Olympic stadium any day now. So before it got knocked down and replaced with a block of flats, he wanted me to see it in all  it’s glory.

The game was happening there at the time. Tons of people where there already and more tons came with us through the underground. I got to experience magical sardines in a tin can ride. We watched the game in a nearby pub and that was an experience and a half. So many loud hammers fans. I mean only hammer’s fans. We lost in the end, but i had never seen so many emotions in a pub.


Then, once the game was over and we queued for what it seemed a lifetime to get onto the train, we wanted to go and see the new Olympic ground. We failed miserably. We could see it through the car window, but we just couldn’t get to it. Roads in London are confusing.

After an hour we just gave up and went to fish and chips. Got a huge fish with a ton of chips and set off. Destination – back to Preston.

Even though we got back feeling more tired and exhausted than when we left, with the constant lack of sleep because we just wanted to jam-pack the week, it was an amazing trip.

Go, visiting that part of England! It is so much better!


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