Trip back home.

Flight was at 6 am from Manchester and the last train to arrive in Manchester was half past midnight. Roughly six hours in the airport. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?!

You’d think an international airport of that size would have a free wi-fi and an open cafe (or even just enough sitting areas). Well, at least so i thought, in my sick, twisted mind, apparently. But the truth is there was no such thing.

It’s not like you need any of those things…in an airport.

For hours and hours i sat on a table next to the bins. My ass was numb and i was sleep deprived. It wasn’t comfy for sleeping nor for reading nor nothing

But, you know, i survived. Got onto the plane, crashed, woke up above the Baltic sea and everything seemed better.

Dad picked me up from the airport and took me to my friends Inese’s work place. Months ago she asked me to bring her some vegetable crisps. That is exactly what i did. She seemed happy.

Then it was all about getting home as quickly as possible, to cut the long-ish way home somewhat shorter. But google maps probably did the opposite. We saw roads we’d never seen before. But got there in the end.

The idea, of course, was to jam-pack the week and that was exactly what i did.

I arrived in my town around half past 3 in the afternoon. Saw mum, nan, kids and by half 4 i had bought 3 pairs of shoes. Once that was out of the way i could relax and take it easy.

Shoes were important. They are in general, but this time there was even an actual purpose to the whole thing. Stay tuned maybe.

Rest of the day went like so:

Helped tinyone with his homework, watched him ride a bike and jump on the trampoline. Played with the dog, throwing a half chewed wellington boot not that far away. Got into the toilet (don’t ask) with the older one where he showed me his magical laserpointer with many different ummm patterns i guess. Yes, it was weird cuz all he said to me was ‘Sis, come to the toilet’. And kept repeating the same thing. As it turned out, he just needed the darkness. It was pretty cool though.


Then, when i put tinyone to bed and finally could sit down, i had my beer. Day one was over.

The following days were well spent. It passed quickly, yes,  but i didn’t end up feeling like i didn’t have enough time to do something. Of course, i could’ve spent some more time with my nan, helped my mum around the house or taken kids somewhere nice.

You can’t have everything.

I did what i could.

It was nice to go home and recharge my batteries.


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