Gardening. I mean windowsilling.

If money and time wasn’t an issue, man, I’d be doing so many wonderful things.

I know, a pretty lame excuse, i know that, but unfortunately i am still at that stage where that is a legit excuse. But that doesn’t mean i am not trying to if not change it then at least work around it and simply do my best.

If you asked my mum whether i like gardening jobs, she would probably burst out laughing. And she would have a very valid point. But it is like that with many things – if i am being made to do something, if that’s a chore, i rebel, i don’t want to do anything.

But now, it’s all about me and when it is all about me, things and my attitude changes. Yes, so up my own ass, but i don’t consider that to be as a horrible thing.

Good actually. It’s your life. Live your life.

Anyhow, back to the point.

At home we have a garden, but it is my mum’s garden, she sets the rules. Here, in England, i don’t have a garden, but i do have a windowsill and there are my rules on that windowsill.


First things i bought were two succulents – Steve and Bob – before Christmas. They lived in their tiny pots for a while, for too long, maybe.

Then Martin the mint came along and now there was a party of three on my kitchen windowsill.

On a random day without any intentions i walked into a Poundshop and by accident saw lovely medium-size clay pots. Two were with stripes – blue and green, and a plain yellow. Perfect!

Bob got the blue stripey one, Steve – the green stripy one, and Martin got the yellow pot.

That’s how it all started.

The story how it all ended (for now) goes like so:

Next purchase was a basil plant, then a parsley, then thyme and finally – the chives. Chives, onions i mean,  were actually a gift from my dearest Liene. I hope she’s proud of my gardening skills.

Planting stuff is cool. See something you’ve planted grow is awesome. Liene knows so much more about it all, she is my gardening inspiration.dfghj

Go plant something! Be useful! Or just a good person…

5 thoughts on “Gardening. I mean windowsilling.

  1. I am so proud of your gardening skills! It is so awesome! Actually, I also want to do some windowsilling, because during the winter I never really have fresh things. I’m not super sure how to do it though? Don’t they get somewhat dead soon? Because when I bought basil from the store and tried to have it for longer, it became really weird..


      1. Parsley had to be thrown out.
        Basil is like a teen with a hangover – so thirsty and keeps drying out
        Onions are somewhat on a decline unfortunately 😦 but i managed to use it in fair few dishes…


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